[Isolation Updates] What I’m Doing, Apr 21

Whilst we’re stuck (mostly) inside, I’ve been trying to ensure that I’m actively doing things I enjoy. It’s easy to get sucked into obsessing over the news, or spending hours staring at a phone screen, which isn’t going to do anyone any good. I don’t think screen time is bad Continue Reading

[Isolation Updates] What I’m Reading, Apr 12

Welcome to a little series I’m calling ‘Isolation Updates’. During this distressing and uncertain time, I thought I’d get back to some basic blogging, to have a bit of a focus and keep myself busy, and mainly just to help myself concentrate on the things I enjoy doing. My first Continue Reading

Graduating, Again

Despite spending 3 years there, I had no idea that Oxford University gives you an honorary Masters degree about four years after you’ve graduated. Yep. So I now (technically) have two Masters degrees, but no BA, because the MA (Oxon) replaces whatever Bachelor’s degree you achieved at Oxford. Very strange, Continue Reading


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