Hey everyone! After quite the extended break from blogging, I’m really looking forward to getting back into it. The past couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind for me, wither WAY too much going on for my liking! But I’ve finally got a teeny tiny bit of free time which I’d love to utilise for blogging. Fingers crossed I can keep that motivation going! So, what have I been up to? I’ve finished the first half of my masters degree, so that’s…Continue Reading “Summer Catch Up”

Welcome all to 2017! I know that a lot of people were REALLY looking forward to 2016 being over, and although I can empathise with making the most of the new year, a lot of great things happened in 2016 for me. 2016 was my first full year of being employed (yay!), and my first full year out of education (even if I am now studying for a graduate masters degree…). In November, Matt and I reached four years of being together, which was such…Continue Reading “Hey 2017!”

It’s finally here! Without a doubt my favourite month of the year! Yes the weather’s crappy and it gets dark at like 3 in the afternoon and I have to get up five minutes earlier just to de-ice my car every morning BUT, it’s Christmaaaaaaaas! I’ve always been a bit of a Christmas fanatic, although I think I’ve managed to rein it in a bit this year. I only started listening to Christmas songs in mid-November, and I’m only now starting to put up the…Continue Reading “Hey December”

I’ve seen quite a few people doing posts lately about the month that’s just past and the upcoming month. I thought this was an awesome idea to just write a bit of a post for me, with my thoughts on what went on in July, and about what’s to come in August. Honestly, July was a bit of a funny month for me. I felt like I was pretty busy, but nothing really happened. I definitely feel like I’ve got into a bit of a…Continue Reading “Hey August”

Over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, I spontaneously decided to completely redecorate my room. Just to put that in perspective, I’ve had the same wallpaper in my room, and really done nothing decorative to my room, since I was about 8. Yup. Who knew that I’d hate that purple and pink starry wallpaper after a year or two?! Anyway, I made the decision the weekend before, cleared out my room each evening after work in the week, and kicked everything off on Good Friday. I…Continue Reading “New Room Tour”

I started off this post last week, and was planning on doing something totally different. I was aiming to do a kind of summary of last month, the ups and the downs, and what I’d been up to. However, I was reminded recently of a rule I’d set myself regarding tweets a couple of years ago. I was constantly tweeting out negative things, and as well as no one actually being interested in reading my depressing tweets, it also put me in a cycle of…Continue Reading “6 Happy Things”

Hello again! I can only apologise for my long absence from this blog, but I really haven’t had the inspiration needed for writing over the Christmas period. To be honest, I was being quite the lazy chocolate-eating sofa-wallower (if you know what I mean), and was quite enjoying not having to do anything whilst I was off work. Since my last post, an awful lot has been going on. My grandparents came over for a whole week from America in the run up to Christmas,…Continue Reading “New Year Catch Up”

It’s that time of the week again when I forget I haven’t done this post and end up writing it late on a Sunday afternoon before it’s officially not the weekend anymore :’) So this is what I’ve been living this past week.. 1.New Look socks These cute socks are from New Look, and for £1.99 each or £4 for 3 pairs, they’re a bit of a bargain. They’re also super comfortable and not bad quality. I’ve always been a sucker for cute socks, and…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 25th October 2015”

Back to my weekly favourites this weekend! Most of these are probably going to be holiday related (sorry!), but I can almost definitely promise that I’ll stop talking about Bratislava sometime soon.. 🙂 1.Real hot chocolate In quite a few places that I’ve been to in Europe, they have amazing chocolateries where they have real hot chocolate, which tends to basically be pure melted chocolate. That you drink. Yup. They’re awesome. The combination I had in Bratislava was white melted chocolate with mint liqueur… *drools*….Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 20th September 2015”

I can’t believe it’s already September! Not only does summer seem to have resolutely departed, but I might actually have to start getting my life together now that I’ve officially graduated and left academic life, *sob*. Nothing massively to look forward to in the coming month then! But there’s always the little things to be happy about, so here are five of those that I’ve been particularly loving this week 🙂 1.The Happiness Project This is a book by Gretchen Rubin, which I think I’ve…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 6th September 2015”