Continuing this series of catch-up posts, I wanted to write a little bit about what has been my predominant occupation over the past few months, namely exams and revising for them. Unfortunately for me, doing PPE at Oxford means doing all of the exams which count for my whole degree right at the end; no coursework, no resits, no nothing. From the 28th of May I faced eight 3-hour exams over 2 weeks, with my last 2 being on the same day. Honestly, it was…Continue Reading “The Horrors of Exams (no, seriously…)”

This is going to be a bit of a random post, but it’s something that has much confusion surrounding it, for both those agreeing and disagreeing with what happened. OSFL (Oxford Students for Life) are an anti-abortion group who were due to hold a debate between two men on the subject of abortion and it’s relation to our national culture. I will stress that it was a clearly two-sided debate, with one person arguing for the motion that ‘Britain’s abortion culture hurts us all’, and…Continue Reading “‘Abortion Culture’ and ‘Authoritarian Students’ at Oxford University?”

Today is my second day back at university. I’m all unpacked and settled in, and although I’ve got exams tomorrow, I thought I’d take the chance to write a bit about returning to uni, the time of year, and what that means to me. So as I mentioned, I’ve actually got exams tomorrow. At Oxford, they set us exams called ‘collections’ at the beginning of every term, to test us on what we learnt last term. They’re three hour exams with 3-4 essays in each…Continue Reading “Back to Uni”