This might end up being a rather insubstantial post, but I’m currently sat here watching the England game and I just have to do something – unfortunately watching football isn’t something that massively interests me! So I thought I’d do a bit of a catch up of what I’ve been doing lately, and what to expect in the next few weeks. My last post was a recipe, which is a new one for me – I’m not exactly a good experimenter when it comes to…Continue Reading “Catching Up”

As some of you may know, I’ve been trying to keep to a bit of a diet recently. I’m sticking (mostly!) to 1200 calories a day and trying to do a bit of exercise. However, I’ve just found out that I’m playing in the first hockey match of the season in just under 2 weeks time, and I’m worryingly unfit. So I’ve decided that it’s really time to try and get properly fit. The problem I find with dieting / losing weight / getting fit is…Continue Reading “12 Day Challenge”

Although I’d known of it for a while, and I’m sure you did too, I only recently decided to check out JustFab, the website that offers all of their shoes and handbags for £35. The main reason I went on the website was because they were offering 75% off my first order, making all of their shoes around £9, which in my mind was a great bargain. I’ve also recently bought from JustFab’s sister site, Fabletics, which is a sportswear brand pioneered by Kate Hudson….Continue Reading “Absolutely FABulous”

I read an interesting article on the Cosmo website (I know, not the most reputable of sources, but still) today which suggested that dieting and losing weight can actually make people more depressed. This was based upon people who lost more than 5% of their previous body mass, as opposed to people who lost less than 5%, or nothing at all. However, the people conducting the study suggested that this was less to do with not being satisfied with the end result, and more to do…Continue Reading “Can losing weight actually make us depressed?”

I thought this was going to be a kind of general post, but I’ve realised that it does have a theme. It goes something like this: I’m currently trying to get some more exercise in, so here’s me all kitted out to play tennis, in my slightly-too-bright Nike shorts and trainers courtesy of Austin, Texas’s finest outlet malls.    I’m also trying to eat more healthily, which actually involves making quite healthy dinners of salad, vegetables, etc, and ruining them by putting lots of dressing,…Continue Reading “What’s Occurring”