Popping into duty free at Heathrow on the way to the US was, of course, quite dangerous. The damage wasn’t too bad, although one of the two things I picked up was the Roberto Cavalli Paradiso perfume in the 50ml size. Since I’d tried it in another duty free on the way to Barcelona in April, I knew I wanted to get it. This is really the perfect understated holiday scent. It’s not obviously a summer holiday fragrance, neither is it too sickly sweet. It…Continue Reading “[REVIEW] Roberto Cavalli Paradiso EDP”

Whilst in the States, it was a given that I’d be making the most of the discounts at the outlet malls. You’ll regularly find 40-50% off retail price, which in turn tends to be cheaper than UK prices anyway. We actually ended up visiting 2 outlet malls whilst in Galveston, one in the week, which was super quiet, and one on tax-free weekend, which was absolutely insane. There were people queueing outside stores like Tory Burch just to get in, despite the tax-free offer only…Continue Reading “US Outlet Finds”

Okay, so this post is majorly late! But I love reading these so I thought I’d do a quick one now. My Youtube video on the same subject is at the end of the post, so give that a watch if you’d prefer! The first thing I got was a brand new camera, a Fujifilm S8650 (I think). This was from my parents and it’s such a cool looking camera! I got it in white, which my mum thought was bizarre, but I think it…Continue Reading “What I Got For Christmas!”

I’ve had quite the break from blogging since Christmas! To be quite honest, doing Blogmas wasn’t as fun as I’d anticipated – I often struggled for inspiration and many of the posts weren’t up to the quality which I’d have expected. From now on, blog posts will be when I’m inspired to write, and when I actually have a subject matter to blog about! This means that there won’t be a set-in-stone schedule, like many bloggers have. I’m not a fan of stating exactly when…Continue Reading “Back to Blogging & ASOS Delivery!”

I’m already struggling to find things to write about! I’m squeezing this post in right at the end of the day, as I’ve been buried under a pile of uni work for most of it, so I just wanted something quick to write about. I should have more time soon (maybe not tomorrow) so I can dedicate way more time to these posts! Today I thought I would do a list of my favourite things at the moment, fashion, beauty, TV, food etc. EAT// I haven’t…Continue Reading “What I’ve Been Loving Lately (Blogmas Day 3)”

MORE SHOPPING! I feel like it’s all I ever do. Not that that’s a bad thing! This is just some general things which I’ve been buying. I actually filmed this a couple of weeks ago and never got round to uploading it, so it’s slightly out of date, and this is all stuff that I bought at the start of November. I’ve also today just filmed another haul, as I’ve been to a lot of places over the past week or so, so keep an…Continue Reading “YouTube: AUTUMN HAUL Video”

Okay, so I know my last post was also a shopping haul, but it was also a Youtube video which I filmed at least a week ago (I had to wait for someone to help me with the editing :’) ). Today is my first weekend back in Oxford, and because I actually had a (sort of) free day today after my exams yesterday, me and Matt decided to pop into town this afternoon for a bit of a wander. Unfortunately, I’d already thought of…Continue Reading “Sunday Shopping Spree”

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs recently, which is something I’ve never really done before, and they’ve given me tons of new ideas for posts! So here’s a little post about what’s in my bag today. (NB There’s no make up in here because I forgot to put any in. Oops. Might do a make up related post soon…?) The Bag Firstly, the bag. I’ve mentioned it in a previous post here. It’s a New Look bag which I bought from Asos, and…Continue Reading “In My Bag”