Last Wednesday, I headed back into Oxford after work to attend a talk by Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism project, successful author, and possibly one of the most articulate people I have ever heard speak in public. The talk was held in the Sheldonian Theatre – always lovely – and was focussed around Bates’ new book, Misogynation. In comparison to the personal accounts of Everyday Sexism, and the manual-style Girl Up, Misogynation is more of an exploration of the myriad forms sexism which,…Continue Reading “Laura Bates – Misogynation”

As the referendum on staying in the EU gets ever closer, it’s now only just over a week away until Britain goes to the polls to decide the fate of their country in Europe. The question of whether or not Britain should leave the European Union is everywhere at the moment. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have heard anything about it, although saying that I mentioned it to a friend of mine last weekend and she was blissfully unaware…Continue Reading “On Brexit – What’s best for the UK?”

As part of the BBC’s ‘100 Women’ feature, they have an article up on their website entitled ‘Is make-up a feminist issue?’. I was immediately drawn to it, and it is certainly a very interesting and thought-provoking topic. The article, found here, is short but concise, and covers differing viewpoints. However, the writer pretty much sums up my view in her opening sentence: ‘I see make-up as a natural extension of self-expression, but not everyone agrees wearing it is so straightforward’. I see make up…Continue Reading “Make-Up Fake Up?”

I can honestly say that this book almost entirely sums up my views about and surrounding feminism. I was surprised by how tiny this book was – I didn’t realise it was an essay! – but I’m so glad I bought this. Just a few days before I sat down and read this, I had been having a discussion with a friend about feminism. They don’t consider themselves a feminist, due to the negative preconceptions surrounding the label. My friend is, in fact, a feminist,…Continue Reading “[REVIEW] We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie”

I’ve recently been following politics in the US a little closer, and the preparation for the primaries early next year really intrigued me. For those not familiar with American politics, primaries take place months before the actual election of the President, and involve the choosing of each party’s candidate who gets put forward in the presidential election. This is the fight within the party, the battle of Democrat against Democrat, and Republican against fellow Republican. I find this far more exciting than the eventual presidential…Continue Reading “Race to the Top: The Future President of the United States?”

This is going to be a deceivingly political post I’m afraid, so anyone here just for the make up chat should probably check back soon for a different type of post! I was inspired to write about the current plans, due to be released in the Budget tomorrow, for extended Sunday trading hours. Amateurly diagnosed as a shopaholic by almost everyone I know, this is something that interests me. However, this really jumped out at me due to my time spent working in retail, which…Continue Reading “To Shop or Not To Shop”

So, first up, apologies for this being a day late. I will do my absolute best to get a second post out tonight so that I’m back on track. The reason for writing this a little late is because I had a terrible day yesterday. Fortunately, it wasn’t because anything horrific actually happened to me or anyone I know, it was mainly due to anxiety. I’m only just coming round to accept that I might have some kind of anxiety, so it’s pretty scary for…Continue Reading “The Importance of Dealing with a Bad Day (Blogmas Day 2)”

This is going to be a bit of a random post, but it’s something that has much confusion surrounding it, for both those agreeing and disagreeing with what happened. OSFL (Oxford Students for Life) are an anti-abortion group who were due to hold a debate between two men on the subject of abortion and it’s relation to our national culture. I will stress that it was a clearly two-sided debate, with one person arguing for the motion that ‘Britain’s abortion culture hurts us all’, and…Continue Reading “‘Abortion Culture’ and ‘Authoritarian Students’ at Oxford University?”

Last night, my boyfriend Matt and I went on a bit of a date. I call it a bit of a date, because I feel like I’ve never really been on a proper date. What I mean by a ‘proper date’, is something like a first date, going out to dinner or a movie with someone who you’re only just getting to know. The accepted protocol seems to be that people go on several dates before they become involved, and definitely before they are considered…Continue Reading “Date Night”

I’ve always struggled to be productive, especially when I don’t have anything urgent to get done. So I thought I’d do a post, a bit of a discussion about why people can be so unproductive, and perhaps some solutions as to how we can get back on track. Productivity, and getting things done, has never been my strong point. When it comes down to it, and I have a deadline, the work will get done. But often I could have done it sooner, better, and…Continue Reading “The Productivity Problem”