I’ve hated my hair for as long as I remember. If I wear it up, it falls out of the style constantly and gives me a frizzy halo around my head. If I wear it down, it’s thick and frizzy, goes everywhere, and gets on everything. The few things that I’ve found that really work, and the products which I’ve been enjoying using on my hair lately, are here for any of you with similar hair problems to tackle, or just t het ideas for…Continue Reading “Top Hair Products for Long & Frizzy Hair”

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an absolute YouTube addict. I especially love watching anything to do with make-up, and I’m a massive fan of UK YouTubers like Fleur de Force, Lily Pebbles, and Hello October, who make beauty videos, mixed in with different elements like fashion, cooking, and vlogs. I’ve also started watching American YouTubers a lot more, although that just makes me jealous of all the products they can get over there that we can’t! One type of video that I really enjoy watching are…Continue Reading “Best YouTube Channels for Make-Up Tutorials”

So when I first started doing this blog, I did a bit of a weekly favourites post, and it’s something I really want to get back into. This idea is pretty much stolen from the lovely Hannah Gale (at hannahgale.co.uk), who does a Friday Favourites, although I’m going to keep my favourites to just five a week, so that I actually have a chance of sticking to this! I’ll be aiming to do these posts at weekends, without committing to the same day each week,…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 29th August 2015”

Following on from my Liebster Award post from a couple of days ago (thanks for the nomination Khloe!), I thought I’d do my 11 facts about myself. I’ve tried to think some fairly random things, just to make this a bit more interesting, but there’s also some general things about me so you guys can get to know me better! 1. I have a little brother called Joe, who’s not so little anymore! He’s been taller than me for about 3 years now. He’s currently…Continue Reading “11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me”

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs recently, which is something I’ve never really done before, and they’ve given me tons of new ideas for posts! So here’s a little post about what’s in my bag today. (NB There’s no make up in here because I forgot to put any in. Oops. Might do a make up related post soon…?) The Bag Firstly, the bag. I’ve mentioned it in a previous post here. It’s a New Look bag which I bought from Asos, and…Continue Reading “In My Bag”

1. My crazily comfy new jumper from New Look (where else? :’) ). It’s a gorgeous deep blue, it’s a size too big, and it’s acceptable to wear in public. What’s not to love?! 2. Tuna mayo wraps, especially with spring onions. I’m not a massive fan of tuna mayo sandwiches when they’re from a shop or a restaurant, because they tend to add a lot of things I don’t like. Unfortunately, this is because a wrap with just a lump of tuna mayo in…Continue Reading “My 5 Favourite Things This Week”

I was writing a bit of a list a while back, which was all of the basic staples of clothing that every girl should have – basically, a basics wardrobe, which statement pieces and more on-trend items could then be added to. This list is by no means complete, and I would welcome any additions which I might have left off. These are the things that, if you have all of them, would not really need any other clothes to make outfits. They should cater…Continue Reading “23 Basics That Every Girl Should Own”

Firstly, my apologies for this post getting later and later each week! Will try to get it done at the start of every week. Secondly, I’ve just been shopping today (again, I know), but I’ll save everything from today’s haul for next week, or a separate post, because I’ve already got this one sorted. Thirdly, please note that I am now at home for an extended period of 3 weeks (shock horror), meaning that I will be doing even less than I was before (if…Continue Reading “My 5 Favourite Things This Week”

1. Prosciutto – New-found love for this stuff! It tastes better than ham, it’s healthier than bacon, and it’s amazing on a bagel! What’s not to love?  2. Topshop edits – If you check out my latest post from earlier today, you’ll see I dedicated it to these inspirational gems which Topshop sends out in emails every so often. Whether it’s an updated work wardrobe that you’re looking for, or trying out the sports luxe look, or even just finding a kick-ass outfit for a night…Continue Reading “My 5 Favourite Things This Week”

I had a pretty boring week last week, so I ended up watching a whole lot of films. After basically watching one every night, I decided to do a ‘week of movies’, or #weekofmovies to those on Twitter. So here are my mini-reviews for the last 8 movies I watched (Bank Holiday Monday required 2 films, obvs), enjoy! 1. The Grand Budapest Hotel – Although a bit confusing at first, this ended up being a brilliant film. Following the escapades of the charismatic concierge at…Continue Reading “#weekofmovies”