Good evening! I’ve had an excellent Saturday so far, I hope all of our weekends are going well. I’ve just come back from shopping in Oxford, where it was all super Christmassy and festive! On the downside, it was bloody freezing, so I was cold outside and overheating in every shop because of all the layers I was wearing. Not ideal, but we had a lovely lunch, I met up for coffee with an old friend, and I *may* have picked up a little something…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 21st November 2015”

I’ve had quite the eventful weekend, which I’ll be doing a post on soon, so I’ve not had the chance to jot this down until 4.30pm on a Sunday! I also had Friday off, which was my first day off so far and was pretty awesome. I’m really getting into Christmassy stuff as well, which I know is pretty early for most, but I love getting excited about it all. The earlier I get excited, the longer everything lasts, because I never want Christmas to…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 15th November 2015”

It’s that time of week again where I go through five things which I’ve been loving this week. This week has actually flown by, it’s gone super quick for me, but that’s not a bad thing as it means the weekend comes around sooner! I’m off to a bonfire and fireworks on Sunday night (I didn’t get up to much on the proper Bonfire Night), which I’m really looking forward to – there’s free food – and hopefully I’ll get some nice pictures too. I’m…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 7th November 2015”

Happy Halloween everyone! I honestly haven’t been very interested in Halloween this year, especially as for the first time probably ever I’m not actually doing anything for Halloween. The past 6 or 7 years have been spent dressing up and going out, or going to parties. Before that, my group of friends at school and I would celebrate, and of course before that I used to go out trick or treating when I was at primary school. This year, there’s not a lot going on,…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 31st October 2015”

It’s that time of the week again when I forget I haven’t done this post and end up writing it late on a Sunday afternoon before it’s officially not the weekend anymore :’) So this is what I’ve been living this past week.. 1.New Look socks These cute socks are from New Look, and for £1.99 each or £4 for 3 pairs, they’re a bit of a bargain. They’re also super comfortable and not bad quality. I’ve always been a sucker for cute socks, and…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 25th October 2015”

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’re all having great weekends. Mine is relaxing more than anything else, which suits me just fine! Toady’s favourites were a tad difficult to pull together, as I’ve not really been discovering much new lately, but here’s what I’ve managed to scrape together for you guys 🙂 1.Comfy & chunky jumpers It’s that time of year again when it’s cold enough to be wearing thick, woolly jumpers, which is awesome! Although I love the sun, there’s nothing better than just…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 17th October 2015”

This is going to be a super quick favourites I’m afraid, as once again I forgot! It’s Sunday night and I’ve had so little free time this weekend, which is really unusual for me! Anyway, keep reading to check outs week’s favourites. 1.Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette I know, I know, I only posted about this a week or so ago. But actually I’ve really been enjoying this so far. I’ve only done one really smoky eye with these shadows, as I’m mostly doing make…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 11th October 2015”

Back to my weekly favourites this weekend! Most of these are probably going to be holiday related (sorry!), but I can almost definitely promise that I’ll stop talking about Bratislava sometime soon.. 🙂 1.Real hot chocolate In quite a few places that I’ve been to in Europe, they have amazing chocolateries where they have real hot chocolate, which tends to basically be pure melted chocolate. That you drink. Yup. They’re awesome. The combination I had in Bratislava was white melted chocolate with mint liqueur… *drools*….Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 20th September 2015”

I can’t believe it’s already September! Not only does summer seem to have resolutely departed, but I might actually have to start getting my life together now that I’ve officially graduated and left academic life, *sob*. Nothing massively to look forward to in the coming month then! But there’s always the little things to be happy about, so here are five of those that I’ve been particularly loving this week 🙂 1.The Happiness Project This is a book by Gretchen Rubin, which I think I’ve…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 6th September 2015”