[THIS IS] Portland, OR

So a while back now, I had the opportunity to visit Portland, which is the largest city of the state of Oregon. It’s probably not somewhere I would have planned to go, so I jumped at the chance to spend some time there. There are basically a few important things Continue Reading

This is… Austin, TX

Onto the second part of our trip across the pond! We flew on to Austin, the capital city of Texas, from Newark on the 7th. It’s a really short flight, and something I love is that the time on your ticket is almost always longer than the actual time of Continue Reading

Race to the Top: The Future President of the United States?

I’ve recently been following politics in the US a little closer, and the preparation for the primaries early next year really intrigued me. For those not familiar with American politics, primaries take place months before the actual election of the President, and involve the choosing of each party’s candidate who Continue Reading


I have to say, the weather this past week has been a massive disappointment. Honestly, it shouldn’t be a surprise for a British summer, but the contrast with Texas has made it all the more depressing! This time on our trip across the pond, we spent a week at a Continue Reading


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