I thought I’d put together a bit of an overview of some of my favourite things of the last few months, including some of the books I’ve managed to read in the depths of dissertation writing, but mostly the things I’ve been doing and places which I’ve been visiting. I’m so late to the party on this one, so this is going to be more of a gallery than an in-depth post! Disney/Universal/America British Museum & Odyssey Panel with Mary Beard Anniversary in Stratford and…Continue Reading “Favourites from Fall”

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’re all having great weekends. Mine is relaxing more than anything else, which suits me just fine! Toady’s favourites were a tad difficult to pull together, as I’ve not really been discovering much new lately, but here’s what I’ve managed to scrape together for you guys 🙂 1.Comfy & chunky jumpers It’s that time of year again when it’s cold enough to be wearing thick, woolly jumpers, which is awesome! Although I love the sun, there’s nothing better than just…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 17th October 2015”

This is going to be a super quick favourites I’m afraid, as once again I forgot! It’s Sunday night and I’ve had so little free time this weekend, which is really unusual for me! Anyway, keep reading to check outs week’s favourites. 1.Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette I know, I know, I only posted about this a week or so ago. But actually I’ve really been enjoying this so far. I’ve only done one really smoky eye with these shadows, as I’m mostly doing make…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 11th October 2015”

Back to my weekly favourites this weekend! Most of these are probably going to be holiday related (sorry!), but I can almost definitely promise that I’ll stop talking about Bratislava sometime soon.. 🙂 1.Real hot chocolate In quite a few places that I’ve been to in Europe, they have amazing chocolateries where they have real hot chocolate, which tends to basically be pure melted chocolate. That you drink. Yup. They’re awesome. The combination I had in Bratislava was white melted chocolate with mint liqueur… *drools*….Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 20th September 2015”

MORE SHOPPING! I feel like it’s all I ever do. Not that that’s a bad thing! This is just some general things which I’ve been buying. I actually filmed this a couple of weeks ago and never got round to uploading it, so it’s slightly out of date, and this is all stuff that I bought at the start of November. I’ve also today just filmed another haul, as I’ve been to a lot of places over the past week or so, so keep an…Continue Reading “YouTube: AUTUMN HAUL Video”

We’re definitely getting into Autumn now, and although we’re having the odd nice day, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and it’s getting darker earlier. This is the first tag that I’ve done on here, and I thought it would be nice to do a bit of a seasonal one to start off with, but I’ll definitely be looking into doing a few more of these! 1. Okay we’re talking coffees – what’s your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc? To be quite…Continue Reading “The Autumn Tag”

Today is my second day back at university. I’m all unpacked and settled in, and although I’ve got exams tomorrow, I thought I’d take the chance to write a bit about returning to uni, the time of year, and what that means to me. So as I mentioned, I’ve actually got exams tomorrow. At Oxford, they set us exams called ‘collections’ at the beginning of every term, to test us on what we learnt last term. They’re three hour exams with 3-4 essays in each…Continue Reading “Back to Uni”

I thought I’d do a bit of a wish list of all of the beauty products that I’m after at the moment. I’ve called it an autumn wishlist not because any of these things are particularly related to autumn, but because I can’t see myself needing too much more stuff before winter comes around! Saying that, maybe I would have been better calling it an October wishlist just in case. Never mind. If I end up having to do another one, I’ll have to think…Continue Reading “Autumn Beauty Wishlist”

Like many of you reading this, I get regular emails from all my favourite stores, both online and off the high street. One of my favourite places to get emails from is Topshop, because they create great trends around classic pieces, which are actually really easy to copy and find from other stores if the Topshop offerings aren’t quite ‘you’. Now at the end of August, I’ve decided to gather up my favourite trends that Topshop have been showing off in the last month, and…Continue Reading “Topshop Trends”