Finally, the Christmas Tag! I haven’t been nominated by anyone for this, but I thought it would be a fun thing to do on Christmas Eve! So, to the questions: 1. What are your favourite Christmas movies? Strangely enough for someone who loves Christmas, I actually don’t tend to watch a lot of Christmas movies over the festive period. But I do have my favourites! Arthur Christmas is a recent one, and of course Elf. My all-time favourite is Miracle on 34th Street, which I’ve…Continue Reading “The Christmas Tag! (Blogmas Day 24)”

Just a quick little post today, as I’ve been mega busy wrapping presents and cooking the meat for Christmas and Boxing Day! I’ve just painted my nails all ready for Christmas, and they don’t look all that bad!   I’ve used an Orly polish, in the colour Luxe, and the Rimmel Glitterbomb shown in the picture, in Midnight Mistletoe. I love them! I hope you guys have all had good Christmas Eve eves (yes, that is a thing!), and check back tomorrow for my last Blogmas…Continue Reading “Christmas Nails! (Blogmas Day 23)”

Around Christmas, and really throughout winter generally, I love to wear shimmery make up, especially on the eyes. I’ve put together a bit of a collection of my favourite eyeshadows and eyeliners which I like to wear during the festive period, to add that little bit of sparkle to my make up!   Eyeshadows I love cream eyeshadows, and I know I’ve raved before about the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr shadows. The darker, burgundy-like colour is Metallic Pomegranate, which I do find a bit dark…Continue Reading “Festive Make Up: Shimmers and Sparkle (Blogmas Day 22)”

I’ve mentioned some other beauty gifts here too, but depending on your budget (and the size of your stocking!) they could all potentially be stocking fillers. This is as much a beauty wishlist for me as it is a bit of a gift guide, but I hope there’s a few good ideas to inspire people here! Smokey Eyes Kit (£22 from Topshop) // Essie Disco Dazzle Duo (£12.99 from Boots) // Benefit The Bronze of Champions Total Bronze Kit (£26.50 from // COLAB Dry Shampoo Travel Set…Continue Reading “Beauty Stocking Fillers (Blogmas Day 21)”

  The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that this body wash is, in fact, for men, but it doesn’t stop it being amazing! I had wanted to do all Christmas related posts after a point, but quite honestly I’m low on ideas, so I’m going to market this as a Christmas post because this is the most perfect Christmas/wintery shower gel you could ask for. This was a gift which my boyfriend received last Christmas and has only just started using it. It’s in…Continue Reading “REVIEW: Bath House Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Body Wash (Blogmas Day 20)”

I’ve refrained from doing any gift guides so far in December, because quite honestly I’m not a massive fan of them, as I don’t have that many people to buy for this year (Secret Santas mean that I’ve only had to buy a couple of presents for what would have been a lot of people!). But unfortunately, I’m running out of ideas for blog posts (!) so I’ve given in. There’s a lot of gorgeous perfume around at the moment, and these would make great…Continue Reading “Fragrance Gift Guide (Blogmas Day 19)”

Today I had planned to do the Christmas Tag, but I thought that would be a great post to leave for Christmas Eve (less than a week away!). So I’ve discovered the Winterlicious Tag! I’m just doing it for fun (and to make up a post! Oops) so I won’t tag anyone, but I’d encourage anyone who wants to do a Christmas Tag to do one, because I love reading them! Let’s get started 🙂 Favourite Winter Nail Polish? As I think I’ve mentioned before…Continue Reading “The Winterlicious Tag (Blogmas Day 18)”

Okay, so this isn’t massively Christmas related, but it is winter related, so that seems close enough! I thought I’d go through a few products which I really appreciate and get a lot of use out of in the colder months. To be honest, I don’t tend to change much, but there are definitely some make up items which I only really use in the winter, and some skincare products which I tend to use far more when the weather is colder and harsher. Crabtree…Continue Reading “Winter Beauty Essentials (Blogmas Day 17)”

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I went to watch the latest Hobbit movie, the final film of three. I’m far from a big fan, but Matt is, so we had to go and see it! I have seen the previous two films, again because Matt has wanted to see them, and I have to say, not an awful lot seemed to happen in them. The three films actually only tell the story from one book, and so it’s understandable that there isn’t lots of action…Continue Reading “REVIEW: The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies (Blogmas Day 16)”

Every year, as of recently, I’ve been in charge of putting up and decorating quite a few Christmas trees. I have a small one up in my uni room, I decorate the one at home, and the one at my grandparent’s house. Although I love Christmas, it gets a bit old putting up so many trees! But I thought I’d pop some pictures of my handiwork up, to make it all worthwhile, and it makes for a Christmassy post! My Mini 2ft Blue Tree:  …Continue Reading “Christmas Trees! (Blogmas Day 15)”