You may have guessed by now that I’m a bit of a book obsessive! I go through phases of reading constantly and barely reading at all, but I always come back to my love of books. Whilst on holiday in Santorini, we did a bit of a road trip one day around all the main cities (towns?) on the island. In Oia, unarguably the most gorgeous and pristine place on the island, we accidentally stumbled across the Atlantis bookshop. I had absolutely no idea it…Continue Reading “Atlantis Books”

Sarah Perry’s second novel is seriously something else. It’s totally not something I would usually read, and I’ll admit that I was drawn in by the Waterstones special edition cover (it’s shiny and the pages are blue – what more could you want?!). I hadn’t read her first novel, but I have to say my expectations were high after the level of hype surrounding this book last year. This included being awarded the 2016 Waterstones Book of the Year award, winning both the fiction and overall…Continue Reading “[REVIEW] The Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry”

I started off this post last week, and was planning on doing something totally different. I was aiming to do a kind of summary of last month, the ups and the downs, and what I’d been up to. However, I was reminded recently of a rule I’d set myself regarding tweets a couple of years ago. I was constantly tweeting out negative things, and as well as no one actually being interested in reading my depressing tweets, it also put me in a cycle of…Continue Reading “6 Happy Things”

Royal Wedding is the new book by Meg Cabot, intended as a sequel to the Princess Diaries series, but aimed at older readers (i.e. not 13 year olds). It follows Princess Mia years after the tenth book ended – she is 25, living at the Genovian Consulate in New York, and still going out with the infamous Michael. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that the Princess Diaries books were some of my all-time favourite books as a teenager, and honestly I probably would have…Continue Reading “[REVIEW] Royal Wedding – Meg Cabot”

I can’t believe it’s already September! Not only does summer seem to have resolutely departed, but I might actually have to start getting my life together now that I’ve officially graduated and left academic life, *sob*. Nothing massively to look forward to in the coming month then! But there’s always the little things to be happy about, so here are five of those that I’ve been particularly loving this week 🙂 1.The Happiness Project This is a book by Gretchen Rubin, which I think I’ve…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 6th September 2015”

This book, written by Jonas Jonasson, is pretty brilliant. I had already read the ‘sequel’ to this book, which technically isn’t a sequel but follows a similarly bizarre storyline. The Hundered-Year-Old man in question is Allan Karlsson, who originally appears unhappy with his situation, but otherwise unassuming. After disappearing from his care home on his one hundredth birthday by climbing out of the window, Allan heads on a surprising adventure which becomes less surprising once we learn more about Allan’s past. Events from Allan’s extraordinary…Continue Reading “[REVIEW] The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared”

After my previous post about my birthday, this might seem like I’m spamming you a bit with my life story, but I promise it’ll be back to more diverse posts soon! Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, something which I have come to enjoy after four consecutive years coupled up. This is my third Valentine’s with my boyfriend Matt, and it doesn’t seem like that long at all! I love to celebrate occasions like this, and so we always do cards and gifts, and we try to…Continue Reading “My Valentine’s Day: Brunch, Books, & Takeaways”

Okay, so this post is majorly late! But I love reading these so I thought I’d do a quick one now. My Youtube video on the same subject is at the end of the post, so give that a watch if you’d prefer! The first thing I got was a brand new camera, a Fujifilm S8650 (I think). This was from my parents and it’s such a cool looking camera! I got it in white, which my mum thought was bizarre, but I think it…Continue Reading “What I Got For Christmas!”

It may be obvious by now that I love books as much as a I love make up and beauty products. In fact, I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm, so my love of books actually predates my love of make up by a good 13 years or so! Although it is now sadly the case that books are almost always cheaper on Amazon, I just love buying books in book shops. Waterstones are currently running a buy one, get one half price offer,…Continue Reading “Mini Book Haul (Blogmas Day 8)”