I’m not going to tell you how many times and how many different locations of Sephora/Ulta I went into throughout my two weeks in the US, but quite frankly it was a few too many! However, in comparison to previous years, I was very restrained and limited my purchases significantly. I know once you’ve read this post you’ll be like “significantly? really?!”, but personally I was very proud of myself… Do read on to view the damage to my bank account this time around! I…Continue Reading “U.S. Make-Up Buys”

Although I was a lot more reserved than I usually am when we go on holiday, I did of course make a few small purchases to tide me over! The majority (in terms of price) of these were actually in Duty Free at the airport on the way out there, but I also dragged Matt into Sephora and NYX – much to his delight, obviously… I’ll start off with what I picked up in Duty Free. I purchased each one of these separately, as I…Continue Reading “Barcelona Buys – Duty Free / Sephora / NYX”

I’ve been a huge fan of MAC ever since I bought my first eyeshadow from the Brighton store (it was an individual shadow in the shade Soba). Unfortunately, I find that almost everything they sell is a tad on the expensive side. A MAC purchase can’t really be that spontaneous, it has to be a bit more thought out than your average Boots haul. That’s my other problem – I can go in and pick up 2 items in MAC, and the total will come…Continue Reading “MAC Cosmetics Essentials (No 1)”

Earlier this week I was in Oxford, and couldn’t resist popping into Debenhams to check out the make up counters. I often overlook Debenhams when looking to buy beauty, and they actually have a lot of great brands, including some which can be difficult to get hold of. Despite also wanting to pick up the Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation (which, by the way, comes in the tiniest bottle ever), I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of things from Urban Decay, one of which…Continue Reading “New In Beauty”

As promised, I’m back with my other USA haul, this time containing all the cosmetics I picked up. I bought a few things in Ulta, including some picks from Nyx which I’m going to feature in a future post, as they’re not exactly high end. I also visited Sephora. A lot. In 2 different places. I think I went about 4 times in total, but it was so worth it! I absolutely love Sephora, and I so wish we could get all of the brands…Continue Reading “Huge High-End Beauty Haul”

Whilst in the States, it was a given that I’d be making the most of the discounts at the outlet malls. You’ll regularly find 40-50% off retail price, which in turn tends to be cheaper than UK prices anyway. We actually ended up visiting 2 outlet malls whilst in Galveston, one in the week, which was super quiet, and one on tax-free weekend, which was absolutely insane. There were people queueing outside stores like Tory Burch just to get in, despite the tax-free offer only…Continue Reading “US Outlet Finds”

I popped into Superdrug yesterday and picked up a few things that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while, so I thought I’d share them here, and quickly explain why I’m so keen to try them all out! 1. COLAB Dry Shampoo in ‘RIO’, £3.49 I actually saw these on Zoella’s vlog, because she was invited to the launch party. They’ve been developed by a model called Ruth Crilly, and apparently combine all of her hair and beauty knowledge from her 10 years…Continue Reading “The 7 New Beauty Buys I’m Most Looking Forward To Trying Out”

So today, after I’d been out shopping, I realised that I shop way too much in New Look. It’s a shop that, 2 or 3 years ago, I would barely have set foot in. It used to be the go-to for 14 year olds, and even then I wasn’t a very cool 14 year old, so you wouldn’t have found me in there much. New Look has gone through a pretty big revamp, both of their logo and what they sell. At the moment, I…Continue Reading “8 Great New Look Buys”