I’ve had such a Christmassy few days! It’s finally getting close enough that I can start getting excited, and I’m able to admit that I am, indeed, listening to Christmas songs in the car, in my room, and on Spotify while I’m working.. :’) Roll on this week’s favourites! 1. Christmas trees In the last week I’ve put up 3 proper Christmas trees, decorated 2 of those, and done my own little Christmas tree in my room. It’s been a decorating kind of week. I wouldn’t…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 12th December 2015”

I’ve been a huge fan of MAC ever since I bought my first eyeshadow from the Brighton store (it was an individual shadow in the shade Soba). Unfortunately, I find that almost everything they sell is a tad on the expensive side. A MAC purchase can’t really be that spontaneous, it has to be a bit more thought out than your average Boots haul. That’s my other problem – I can go in and pick up 2 items in MAC, and the total will come…Continue Reading “MAC Cosmetics Essentials (No 1)”

I’ve been meaning to do this post for about 2 weeks now, so I thought it was time to get it done and dusted. I’ve picked up a few bits and pieces from Boots over the last few weeks, and I thought I’d just pop them all together in this post. I’ve been trying out most of them so it’s a bit of a mini-review mixed in with a haul post, hope you enjoy! The first thing I picked up, and what I actually went…Continue Reading “November Drugstore Make Up Haul”

In my last post, I mentioned that there was a massive shopping mall really near to our hotel in Bratislava. One of the shops which I was most interested in was called Pupa, which sells make up. It’s actually Italian and looks super similar to Kiko, so I don’t know how similar they are, but it was a great store with plenty of options. The first thing that caught my eye were their cream eyeshadows, which come in these cute little pots. I picked up this…Continue Reading “Pupa Cosmetics Haul (from Bratislava!)”

As promised, I’m back with my other USA haul, this time containing all the cosmetics I picked up. I bought a few things in Ulta, including some picks from Nyx which I’m going to feature in a future post, as they’re not exactly high end. I also visited Sephora. A lot. In 2 different places. I think I went about 4 times in total, but it was so worth it! I absolutely love Sephora, and I so wish we could get all of the brands…Continue Reading “Huge High-End Beauty Haul”

Around Christmas, and really throughout winter generally, I love to wear shimmery make up, especially on the eyes. I’ve put together a bit of a collection of my favourite eyeshadows and eyeliners which I like to wear during the festive period, to add that little bit of sparkle to my make up!   Eyeshadows I love cream eyeshadows, and I know I’ve raved before about the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr shadows. The darker, burgundy-like colour is Metallic Pomegranate, which I do find a bit dark…Continue Reading “Festive Make Up: Shimmers and Sparkle (Blogmas Day 22)”

  This is the first beauty haul I’ve done on my Youtube channel, check it out! Loads of products from Boots and Superdrug: Revolution palettes, Zoella goodies, Bourjois bronzer, got2b styling sprays, Barry M nail polishes and mascara, Simple radiance cream, and Rimmel eyeliner!