It was my birthday this weekend so I’ve been trying really hard to not buy anything in the aftermath. This is extremely difficult for me though, so I thought I’d do this haul midweek to cheer me up a bit! This is from my trip to Westfield shopping centre in London after Christmas, where I picked up some great stuff from shops which you often can’t find within about 80 miles of my house (major downside of living in the admittedly very pretty countryside). On with…Continue Reading “Westfield Haul”

So when I first started doing this blog, I did a bit of a weekly favourites post, and it’s something I really want to get back into. This idea is pretty much stolen from the lovely Hannah Gale (at, who does a Friday Favourites, although I’m going to keep my favourites to just five a week, so that I actually have a chance of sticking to this! I’ll be aiming to do these posts at weekends, without committing to the same day each week,…Continue Reading “Five Favourites: 29th August 2015”

I’m already struggling to find things to write about! I’m squeezing this post in right at the end of the day, as I’ve been buried under a pile of uni work for most of it, so I just wanted something quick to write about. I should have more time soon (maybe not tomorrow) so I can dedicate way more time to these posts! Today I thought I would do a list of my favourite things at the moment, fashion, beauty, TV, food etc. EAT// I haven’t…Continue Reading “What I’ve Been Loving Lately (Blogmas Day 3)”

MORE SHOPPING! I feel like it’s all I ever do. Not that that’s a bad thing! This is just some general things which I’ve been buying. I actually filmed this a couple of weeks ago and never got round to uploading it, so it’s slightly out of date, and this is all stuff that I bought at the start of November. I’ve also today just filmed another haul, as I’ve been to a lot of places over the past week or so, so keep an…Continue Reading “YouTube: AUTUMN HAUL Video”

Like many of you reading this, I get regular emails from all my favourite stores, both online and off the high street. One of my favourite places to get emails from is Topshop, because they create great trends around classic pieces, which are actually really easy to copy and find from other stores if the Topshop offerings aren’t quite ‘you’. Now at the end of August, I’ve decided to gather up my favourite trends that Topshop have been showing off in the last month, and…Continue Reading “Topshop Trends”

1. I love most shoes generally. 2. They’re just as good as heels at making me a normal height. 3. And equally as good as heels at making my legs look about three times as skinny. 4. They’re generally cheap (this pair were £12 from New Look in the sale). 5. They can honestly be worn with anything. And most importantly: 6. I can actually walk in them. AND: 7. They don’t make my feet feel like they’re being cut to shreds whenever I move….Continue Reading “7 Reasons Why I Love Wedges”