7 Reasons Why I Love Wedges


1. I love most shoes generally.

2. They’re just as good as heels at making me a normal height.

3. And equally as good as heels at making my legs look about three times as skinny.

4. They’re generally cheap (this pair were £12 from New Look in the sale).

5. They can honestly be worn with anything.

And most importantly:

6. I can actually walk in them.


7. They don’t make my feet feel like they’re being cut to shreds whenever I move.

That last one’s really the clincher…




One thought on “7 Reasons Why I Love Wedges

  1. A great dress with a nice print. The wedges are fantastic. I love wedges as well, and I will only add, if you are feeling discomfort from other heels, they may not be fitting correctly. You do make some great points about wedges, they are a great style for sure! 😉

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