Eye Brights and Healthy Bites

According to some dubious yet fashionable source (think Glamour, or Cosmo), brights are in this summer. No more pale, washed out pastels or stylish nude shades. And one of the trends where this is most obvious is with eye make up. Which I LOVE. To be honest, I’ve been wearing slightly too brightly coloured make up for a while now, which is why I think this actually coming into fashion is great. I also don’t think metallics are just for summer holidays and Christmas parties, and also that nude or beige-y eye make up is basically not worth having on. Unfortunately, this all stems from my fear of lipstick – which I am currently attempting to remedy – which generally means that I can go a bit crazy on the eye make up.

Anyway, I’ve fully adapted to brights, with my new purchases below. As someone with basically no means of income, I don’t tend to truly splash out on make up (although I do have my eye on a MAC lipstick if I can persuade myself to actually wear some). So the little pots of eyeshadow are Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadows, two of the eyeshadow sticks are Barry M and the green one is Max Factor (in that amazing lime green). They might look a bit in-your-face but I’m not exactly planning on wearing them all together.

I tend to pair a bright eyeshadow with a darker upper-eye liner, black under-eye liner and a good lashing of mascara. The eyeshadow sticks and thick liners are great for wearing on their own, with a thin black liner under the eye and just a coat of mascara on the top lashes. As I said, I tend to put a bright or heavy eye with no lipstick (or a clear gloss) and just a swipe of bronzer on the cheeks, although if you have pale skin or haven’t been on holiday recently, I guess you’d want to stick to your basic routine with as little blusher/bronzer as possible, to play up the eyes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 17.27.41

The other thing that I’ve been concentrating on this week (apart from shopping for make up) is trying to lose a bit of weight. I’ve actually been on a run (*shock*), played some tennis, and tried to eat healthily (ignoring the two takeaways I’ve had and going out for dinner on Friday. Oh, and that massive Sunday lunch I’ve just eaten…). My big problem is that I just don’t like healthy food. Honestly. I’ve never liked vegetables, and I’ve pretty much been living off pasta and sandwiches for the past few years at uni. So this is what I ate last night, which is a bit of shocker due to the (admittedly small) portion of salad on the plate, although I did eat that first to get it out of the way. Still, I’ve been fairly proud of how it’s going. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be making a noticeable difference, but I have to say it helps not having any money and not having any chocolate, biscuits, sweets or Coke in the house…

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 17.27.07

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