What’s Occurring

I thought this was going to be a kind of general post, but I’ve realised that it does have a theme. It goes something like this:

I’m currently trying to get some more exercise in, so here’s me all kitted out to play tennis, in my slightly-too-bright Nike shorts and trainers courtesy of Austin, Texas’s finest outlet malls. 



I’m also trying to eat more healthily, which actually involves making quite healthy dinners of salad, vegetables, etc, and ruining them by putting lots of dressing, cheese, and sometimes even ketchup on it (ketchup is a surprisingly tasty addition to sweetcorn…. Honest!). 


However, as a distraction from food, I tend to end up buying things, especially when there are some great discounts on cheesy chick lit titles on Amazon.


Plus, if I do end up going shopping, even if it’s just to get some groceries, a few extras will always find their way into the basket…. (with free mascara, I might add).



In the end, of course, something will always come along which means I can’t possibly stick to any kind of diet:


And because the weather’s so nice it’s just impossible not to sit outside in the evenings enjoying a few drinks, which coincidentally also found their way into the basket in Tesco. Okay, the cider and the magazine were the only things in the basket. Oops.



Of course by theme you realise that what I actually meant was reoccurring cycle of willpower being temporarily bolstered and then failing again in an afternoon dash to Tesco. Points for trying…?

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