12 Day Challenge

As some of you may know, I’ve been trying to keep to a bit of a diet recently. I’m sticking (mostly!) to 1200 calories a day and trying to do a bit of exercise. However, I’ve just found out that I’m playing in the first hockey match of the season in just under 2 weeks time, and I’m worryingly unfit. So I’ve decided that it’s really time to try and get properly fit.

The problem I find with dieting / losing weight / getting fit is that I’m never really sure what I actually want to achieve. Overall, losing weight is of course the main aim, but is this all? Sure I want to lose weight, but my original aim was really to be able to fit back into the jeans I bought 2 years ago and which I was too big for 6 months later. Now, obviously, I’m mainly looking to improve my fitness, which doesn’t even need to mean losing weight – muscle weighs more than fat, after all, although I’m not exactly aiming for a six pack and hefty biceps. 

Today, when I stepped onto my (admittedly unreliable) scales, and discovered that I appeared to have put on 3lbs, despite eating fairly well all weekend and going on an hour long run this morning, I realised something. For some people, especially those who are looking to lose a lot of weight, keeping track regularly of exactly how much has been lost can be an extremely motivational and worthwhile tactic. However, if instead you’re trying to improve appearance, or work on your fitness, keeping track of weight needn’t be the best idea. Even though I now weigh more than I did on Friday, I feel better for continuing to eat well, and I was really proud of the run I did this morning. I know that doing these things will help me to reach my goals, and so for the moment they are what I’ll concentrate on, rather than basing my progress on how much I weigh from day to day.

In the spirit of this, I’ve decided, in preparation for hockey a week from Saturday, that I’m going to try and go running at least 10 days out of the next 12 (including today), and absolutely stick to eating healthily. I might even try to make that a run every day, or at least some form of exercise. I’m far from being the biggest fan of running, but in the absence of any other method of training, I’m hoping that this will pay off. Fingers crossed I don’t write again in a few days having not got off my arse the whole time! I’ll keep you updated.

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