Absolutely FABulous

Although I’d known of it for a while, and I’m sure you did too, I only recently decided to check out JustFab, the website that offers all of their shoes and handbags for £35. The main reason I went on the website was because they were offering 75% off my first order, making all of their shoes around £9, which in my mind was a great bargain. I’ve also recently bought from JustFab’s sister site, Fabletics, which is a sportswear brand pioneered by Kate Hudson. They too were offering a first ‘outfit’ for just £22.

The problem that isn’t obvious at first is that, to get this initial great price, you have to sign up for the VIP programs on both of the websites. This entitles you to get £35 bags and shoes on JustFab, which otherwise would cost you around £49, and £44 ‘outfits’ on the Fabletics website, which otherwise range from just over £50 to around £70. However, the catch is that, at the beginning of each month, if you don’t buy something or ‘skip’ the month within the first 5 days, you will be charged for £35 (JustFab) or £44 (Fabletics), to put towards an item or an outfit. So if you happened to forget one month, or were away on holiday over that time, and you’re signed up to both, you would end up £79 worse off. Alright for some people, but if, like me, that would make a catastrophic difference to your bank balance for the month, you wouldn’t be happy. 

Of course, if you don’t want the hassle, just don’t sign up, right? Yeah. But again, if you’re like me and you appreciate a bargain (and want new sportswear), it’s an offer worth taking up. I’m just terrified that I’ll forget and then not be able to pay for food at uni! 

Anyway, these are the cute boots that I got from JustFab, for the grand price of £8.75:


And this is me in my Fabletics gear. This outfit was called ‘Tulum’. What they do is put together combinations of tops, shorts/leggings, and sports bras, and sell them as outfits, giving you a discount compared to if you’d bought all of the pieces separately. My outfit was just these leggings and tee, both of which are actually really nice. However, the non-VIP price of this outfit is £53, which I’d be slightly less inclined to pay for what you get. Still, I love both the pieces in this outfit, and I’d definitely buy from Fabletics again when I needed to, at VIP prices!


For those who are interested in buying from these websites fairly regularly, the VIP program is a great way to save a bit of money and get your purchases delivered free to your door. And I’ve been really pleased with my products from both websites. However, if you’re a bit forgetful or don’t check your emails frequently, make sure you set a reminder to skip every month, or be prepared to order things a bit more often than you’d planned!

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