My 5 Favourite Things This Week

1. Prosciutto – New-found love for this stuff! It tastes better than ham, it’s healthier than bacon, and it’s amazing on a bagel! What’s not to love? 

2. Topshop edits – If you check out my latest post from earlier today, you’ll see I dedicated it to these inspirational gems which Topshop sends out in emails every so often. Whether it’s an updated work wardrobe that you’re looking for, or trying out the sports luxe look, or even just finding a kick-ass outfit for a night out, Topshop has an edit for it. 

3. Geordie Shore Season 8 – I know, a lot of you will probably stop reading now I’ve said that, but I’m a huge Geordie Shore fan! I’m sat avidly in front of the TV every Tuesday night in anticipation for it starting. And I’m so glad that Marnie and the other girls have sorted out their differences this season….

4. Amazon deliveries! – I recently ordered a ton of books from Amazon, although a lot of them were for uni (I know, bit of a geek. Soz). Anyway, they all came in a big box, which is always exciting, and of course I’ll be reviewing them at some point in the (probably not so near) future.

IMG_1814 IMG_1811

 5. This blue (turquoise?) and gold bracelet – £3 in the New Look sale, this chunky bracelet was a complete bargain, and it’s a brilliantly versatile bit of jewellery, which I’ve ended up wearing for almost everything since I bought it last week!


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