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Like many of you reading this, I get regular emails from all my favourite stores, both online and off the high street. One of my favourite places to get emails from is Topshop, because they create great trends around classic pieces, which are actually really easy to copy and find from other stores if the Topshop offerings aren’t quite ‘you’. Now at the end of August, I’ve decided to gather up my favourite trends that Topshop have been showing off in the last month, and put them all in this post so you can decide if you like them or not!

The Office Sartorialist

This edit states that there’s no excuse not to look cool in the workplace with the new workwear available from Topshop. Click on the link above to check it out. It basically offers three different looks: New Neutrals, In Training, and Desk ’til Dawn. As you can see below, New Neutrals offers an ‘uber luxe’ look, with pastel colours and soft fabrics. I have to say, I don’t think I’d be a fan of the cropped jumper in the workplace, but some people will of course be able to pull that off. Just not me. The boots shown here are gorgeous though! In Training suggests a ‘sporty edge’. Although I love the sports luxe trend, I am NOT a fan of culottes! They are extremely hard to pull off, and shorts are rarely ever suitable workwear. However, I’d happily wear this silver blazer and the cute flats with some skinny leg trousers, or with jeans for a more off-duty look. Finally, Desk ’til Dawn posits that covetable office to evening look, with metallics and snakeskin print. I can’t say that these white trousers would suit me, but I love the idea of the outfit shown here, and of course I LOVE the metallic silver bag! Overall, a workwear trend for the much more fashion forward, but one which anyone could adapt to either completely overhaul, or merely update, their current workwear look.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 15.13.23


Motocross (MOTO-X)

The Motocross trend is basically Topshop’s answer to the sports luxe trend that’s been so popular this year already, with a few grungier pieces thrown in, and a focus on logos and stand-out slogans. Personally, I love the idea, but I’m not the kind of person who could probably pull off wearing this trend from head to toe. What’s great about Topshop’s edit is all of the individual pieces, which can be put with each other for a complete outfit, or teamed with different styles to just create that nod to the trend. Head to this edit on the website (link above) to check out everything you’ll need to pull off this look.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 15.26.35



The Adorkable edit is the ultimate ‘back-to-school’ (read: I want to update my wardrobe for no reason) guide, featuring three key styles: the Mathlete (which is cool now – as long as you do it right. Duh.), the Sports Freak, and the ‘Pen Pal’. The Mathlete look is pretty self-explanatory, but be careful – this ‘geek-girl’ style can quickly go wrong. There still has to be an element of ‘cool’ with this style, a cuteness which has to come across before the geeky-ness. The Sports Freak is a slightly different take on sports luxe again, with minimal pieces, again kept ‘cute’ enough, with little A-line skirts, cropped tees and basic trainers. The Pen Pal is I guess meant to be the proper cute style here, with fluffy jumpers, pastel colours abound and chunky vintage school-style shoes, in stylish, updated finishes. I’d be up for trying all of these trends, and if you’re a fan of the A-line short skirt then these are definitely styles for you! Also a great guide if you’re looking to update your style this Autumn.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 15.37.47


After Hours

The After Hours trend is all about updating an evening look with sharp tailored pieces, sophisticated lace, and classic shoes and accessories. Pretty Sporty keeps an outfit current with a clean-cut bomber jacket, Suits You offers tailored separates, kept sexy with lace details, and Black and White highlights great graphic monochrome looks. With Topshop offering the perfect jewellery and even make-up to complete your look, it’s almost a one-shop stop for this trend. However, this is also a great edit to take ideas from, and recreate the looks with pieces that you already own, or get a key piece from somewhere else and build this look around it with inspiration from this edit. Perfect for making an impression on a night out without getting attention for all the wrong reasons!

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 15.49.57


Power Pairing

I LOVE this idea! First though, apologies for the lack of link on this title, I only got sent the email with this trend on it today and there’s not a page for it yet. I’m sure it won’t be too hard to find in the near future though! Anyway, this trend revolves around a great jacket with the perfect boots, which I love! This is also really great for Autumn, when it’s cool enough for a jacket and boots, but not yet bad enough that you need a full winter coat and wellies! Simply team your favourite denim, leather, or bomber jacket with a pair of kick-ass ankle boots (whatever style you like), add a basic outfit (i.e. jeans or a plain skirt, a plain tee or basic vest top), and you’re ready to go. A lot of you may be thinking, that’s what I do anyway when Autumn comes around. True, but now you can say you’re power pairing, and that you were onto the trend years ago!

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 15.58.53


I hope these provide some inspiration for some of you, otherwise you’ve just got a good look into what I like fashion-wise, and you know how to avoid dressing like me! Seriously though, a lot of websites and fashion companies do edits, and if you’re looking for a new style, or the edit is about a trend you already like, they’re perfect for finding great key pieces within a trend. Also, if you’re looking for a whole outfit, edits will have loads of compatible pieces, with ideas about how to wear them together. Check them out, hopefully you’ll find your next favourite style!

PS All photos in this post are taken from Topshop emails.

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