I had a pretty boring week last week, so I ended up watching a whole lot of films. After basically watching one every night, I decided to do a ‘week of movies’, or #weekofmovies to those on Twitter. So here are my mini-reviews for the last 8 movies I watched (Bank Holiday Monday required 2 films, obvs), enjoy!

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel – Although a bit confusing at first, this ended up being a brilliant film. Following the escapades of the charismatic concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel just before the outbreak of World War 2, from the death of one of the wealthiest customers at the hotel, via a high security prison, to the bringing to justice of the bad guys, it’s a great plot. The only downside is that it is all told by a man who is remembering having the story told to him in the past, so it can get confusing at points. Also, a bit of an ‘easy’ ending, but I won’t give anything away. Well worth a watch, but I’m glad I didn’t go and see this at the cinema!

2. The LEGO Movie – I know I’ve mentioned the Lego Movie before, but it really is an awesome film. For anyone, like me, who didn’t think Lego figures and scenes would suit the big screen, the animation is amazing. It’s a funny, easy watch and surprisingly heartwarming at the end. Honestly one of the best films I’ve seen recently, animated or not!

3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – I know, I know, another animated film. But this is really sweet! And it’s not a children’s film which is embarrassing to watch without kids! Seriously cute – remember to watch out for Barry the Berry.

4. Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason – I wanted to watch this because I’d just finished reading the latest book, Mad About The Boy. I love Bridget, but you can’t help cringing as you watch this, and you can’t help thinking ‘Noooooooo don’t do that!’ when she does something ridiculous! Definitely one of the classics of romcom, all the more worth it for Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, and their fight near the end!

5. Legally Blonde – Admittedly an extremely girly movie, but one of my old favourites! Like Bridget Jones, this is a great comfort watch, with the out-of-place girl (who just happens to be a blonde bombshell) overcoming the negative people around her in order to succeed, with the odd manicure and a lot of important beauty knowledge along the way.

6. Thor: The Dark World – I don’t like this as much as the first Thor film, but my boyfriend wanted to watch this one, so we did. It’s a typical Avengers-type film, with a great ‘fight scene’ at the end, although the very end is a bit creepy. A great one for fns of superhero films.

7. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – This is seriously old, but it was on TV on Monday, so I sat and watched it. It has Nicolas Cage in it as a strange 1000-year-old magician who knew Merlin, and the apprentice of the title is an unassuming and pretty useless American teenager. Not something to rave about but fine for a dreary bank holiday afternoon.

8. The Simpsons Movie – I forgot how much I liked this! Classic Simpsons, with Homer wrapped up in his own world, unwittingly causing lots of trouble for everyone else imaginable. A polluted lake, a giant dome, an angry mob, an impromptu trip to Alaska, a spiderpig, and some serious skills with a motorbike. What’s not to love?

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