8 Great New Look Buys

So today, after I’d been out shopping, I realised that I shop way too much in New Look. It’s a shop that, 2 or 3 years ago, I would barely have set foot in. It used to be the go-to for 14 year olds, and even then I wasn’t a very cool 14 year old, so you wouldn’t have found me in there much. New Look has gone through a pretty big revamp, both of their logo and what they sell. At the moment, I can go in a few times a week and find about 5 different things I want each time. They now do great workwear, comfy casual wear, great evening outfits, pretty much any on-trend style you could want. They also do surprisingly nice underwear, gorgeous bags, almost too much jewellery, and my all-time favourite, amazing shoes! Now you won’t actually find any shoes in this post, because I’m just concentrating on my recent buys (I bought a pair of sandals and two pairs of wedges nearer the beginning of the summer), although I’ve got my eye on some cute brown heeled boots… Anyway, here are my top 8 recent buys from New Look.

1. I totally love this grey top, it’s the perfect day to evening tee. I especially like the faux-leather detail down the sides and around the neckline, which make this a bit more more interesting than a plain grey vest. It’s not tight either, which means it’s super comfy!


2. This plain white tee & 3. A red tartan-y snood:

These two are together because I only have a picture of me in both. I’m a bit keen on plain t-shirts, especially ones which fit well and are flattering. I’ll be honest, I bought this white one in a size 10, which was bait ambitious, and it’s a tad tight on the arms, but it falls really nicely, covering the tummy area. The checked snood is great. I love small scarfs like this, because they look great when I have my hair up in a bun, and this one is quite light too, perfect for autumn before it gets too cold.


4. I might have put this in a previous post, but I love this turquoise and gold bracelet. It was £3 in the sale (bargain) and I’m such a fan of throw-on, go-with-anything bracelets, because I don’t have any that I wear all the time. Classic sale find.


5. I bought this white top on a whim, because to be honest I wanted to buy something a bit different, and after liking it instantly my second opinion (aka my boyfriend) confirmed that it was actually okay (I have a problem with spontaneous purchases, they often turn out to be things that I’ll never wear…). It’s really cute, but I’m so worried about wearing white that I don’t know when I’ll wear it! But the front and back are almost quilted, a really cool texture, and the rest is silky. It was definitely an I love it but might not ever wear it purchase.


6. This black and white dogtooth patterned top was another impulse buy, again not something I would usually buy. It’s slightly cropped, great to wear with thick leggings, high-waisted jeans, or a skirt on a night out.


7. This is a New Look bag, although I’ll confess I ordered it from Asos – same product, but with free postage. No brainer. It’s actually slightly more pink than I expected it to be, as it was described as raspberry red. BUT it’s such a great style of bag, kind of a slouchy bucket bag, and it’s very quickly become my go-to bag, despite the brightness!


8. Finally, this is my latest buy. This black tee is pretty much the same style as the dogtooth patterned one above, with a zip down the back. It’s really structured, which makes it flattering, although it needs a lot of accessorising to make it interesting. A great staple, which would suit anything from a job interview to a night out.


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