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This might end up being a rather insubstantial post, but I’m currently sat here watching the England game and I just have to do something – unfortunately watching football isn’t something that massively interests me! So I thought I’d do a bit of a catch up of what I’ve been doing lately, and what to expect in the next few weeks.

My last post was a recipe, which is a new one for me – I’m not exactly a good experimenter when it comes to food. But my boyfriend, Matt, is a great cook, and the jumbalaya that I made the other day was a copy of his. He’s a bit more adventurous with food than I am (i.e. he eats vegetables and spicy things), so I like to try and adapt all these great things he’s cooking so that I might like them, but so they still taste good (or have any taste at all). One thing I have recently discovered that I like are chickpeas, so today we did a chicken and chickpea risotto (made with vegetable stock, and with prosciutto and spring onions on top), which was really nice. I’d definitely recommend risotto if you’re making it yourself – it can be as plain or as interesting as you like, so it’s great for all kinds of eaters. In smaller portions, it’s also a great healthy and balanced meal, with plenty of energy supplied from the rice. 

I posted a while back about a 12 day challenge I was trying to do, attempting to go on a run 10 out of the next 12 days. I have to say, it was really difficult, and I only managed 5 runs altogether. It’s been quite interesting though. I’ve discovered that running really isn’t for me. that’s not to say I won’t keep trying, but I truly don’t see the point of running for running’s sake. For me to want to exercise, it needs to be something a bit more, like a fitness class, or a team game. Running is great exercise, and I know a lot of people love it, but I’m not motivated by it. Also, although I felt great afterwards (and I was eating very healthily the whole time), I didn’t notice much of a change. I wasn’t exactly expecting a miracle, but the second or third day in, I’d actually put on weight. Needless to say this, coupled with my poor willpower, meant that I’d given up by the next weekend. It was a shame, because I felt that by giving myself a dated challenge, I would feel the push to complete it. At least I can start finding another way of keeping fit now!

The whole reason for the challenge was to get a bit fitter for the first hockey match of the season, which I was playing in on Saturday. Despite my inability to run, it was actually a really good game, and a brilliant workout. It was part of a Club Day, designed to get new people to come and play for the club. The club that I play for finds it difficult, because it’s very much a grassroots, player-run club. We compete within the same town with another, better-funded, much larger club, who have the money and resources to start coaching earlier and have multiple training sessions in a week. And yet I’d never leave the club I’m at for a club like that – I know everyone here, we go for post-match teas at my local pub, and when i’m at uni and can’t get back for a match, I’ll often get offers from people who are driving in to come and pick me up, whatever time of day we end up playing. It’s such a great atmosphere, and yet it’s difficult for such a small club with even simple matters, like running a website, or advertisement. Local, amateur sports clubs are great things to be involved with, and they need all the support we can give.

Finally, post-hockey on Saturday, me and Matt got the train down to London for a party at one of our friends’ houses. I wasn’t exactly up for it, as hockey always tires me out – I almost couldn’t move the next day. But we went, and it was a decent night. One thing that did get to me on the trip were the trains. Urgh. I did voluntarily choose to go interrailing last summer, but that was worth it, because of all the amazing sights and places we stayed. The trains here aren’t awful. They tend to be fairly new and well-kept (except in London!). All of the train we caught over the weekend were on time, many were early. But they’re just such a hassle! To get to Ealing, we had to get three different trains from Oxford, one with a 4 minute changeover. The worst thing though is how expensive trains are. They are genuinely extortionate. We did end up booking quite late, and the good deals were only left on very particular trains, meaning that we had to go late and leave late. It just shouldn’t be that expensive to travel between Oxford and London. Trains are, however much I try to avoid them, a great way to get from A to B, if only they were a bit cheaper!

Hopefully that weekly round-up wasn’t too dull, I’m aware I’ve ended up having a bit of a moan! I’ve also settled on my next challenge: more blog posts! TTFN.

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