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I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs recently, which is something I’ve never really done before, and they’ve given me tons of new ideas for posts! So here’s a little post about what’s in my bag today. (NB There’s no make up in here because I forgot to put any in. Oops. Might do a make up related post soon…?)

The Bag

Firstly, the bag. I’ve mentioned it in a previous post here. It’s a New Look bag which I bought from Asos, and after using it once or twice I’ve really started to like it, it’s such a bucket-y, spacious little number!

H&M Sunglasses

I love love love these sunglasses, they’re a sort of brown tortoiseshell colour/pattern, and are literally the perfect shape for my face. I have really big, stand-out eyebrows, and I really need sunglasses that either completely cover them or which don’t cover them at all, otherwise they look really weird! These were about £6 from H&M in my local town, which is pretty tiny so they were quite a find, and a complete bargain. I actually broke these a couple of weeks ago, and I was devastated (sad, I know), but my dad was miraculously able to find a teeny tiny screw to replace the one that had come out and got lost, so I’m back to wearing these every day again. And yes, I am still wearing them every day – we’re having a heatwave dontcha know?


These are the standard headphones that come with iPhones, they’re great but nothing to write home about. Not even sure why they were in there today…

Flowery Patterned Notebook

This is a recent buy from WHSmiths, mentioned in a post here. I bought it to start a bit of a journal in, and I actually have done, which I’m pretty proud of. I’m always so so terrible with journals, I can’t even tell you the number of lovely notepads I’ve bought, started doing a diary/journal in, and stopped after a couple of months (if I’ve managed to keep it going that long!). I’ve been getting really anxious about things lately, and I’ve always lacked confidence and motivation, and so I figured that writing down how I feel when I’m a bit down might help me either get to the root of the problem, or even just make me feel a bit better at the time. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to keep it up!

Black Moleskine Notebook

My Moleskine is gorgeous! Only problem is, I haven’t really been using it for what it was intended for, so I’m a bit disappointed with myself. But there’s no good wasting it, so I’m just going to start writing what I want to write in it again. I was so pleased with this, it was a present from my boyfriend (for some occasion – it’s really bad that I can’t remember), and I’m definitely going to try to make the most of it.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 005 Nude

I bought this the other day, and I want to feature it in a bit of a haul post/video so I won’t say much about it, especially as I haven’t tried it out yet. I will say that it’s in my bag because I’m quite lazy and didn’t take it out after shopping on Sunday :’)

Fossil Purse

I absolutely adore this baby blue Fossil purse, which I got when I was over in the States around Easter time. They have such great discount stores over there, and I think I did end up paying about $60 for this (from Macy’s or somewhere similar), but it’s real leather and such a gorgeous colour. It’s also a perfect size – it fits all of my essential cards etc in it, plus room for cash of course. The only thing is it doesn’t actually have many individual slots for cards, so all of my store cards and loyalty cards are bunched together in a pocket, so that’s not great, but I don’t have that many cards that I regularly use so it hasn’t been a massive problem.

Pineapple Purse/Pouch/Mini Pencilcase thing

Haha apologies for the little title, I have no idea what this actually is (the black pouch behind the compact mirror in the picture), but it closely resembles a very flimsy pencil case! I use this to put random bits and bobs in which would otherwise clutter up my bag, mainly pens and make up and creams which could leak and ruin whatever bag I’m using (I get very attached to my bags, I once had a rogue Locket throat sweet leak all over the inside of my favourite handbag of the time, and I had to throw it out. Bad times). But yeah, seriously useful for all those odd bits you just don’t know what to do with.

Cath Kidston Compact Mirror

I really love Cath Kidston stuff, but I do find that some items they sell don’t really live up to their price tags. This compact mirror came in a gift set, although it wasn’t technically a gift! Me and my boyfriend had gone to Bicester Village, which is a massive outlet village, and they have a really nice Cath Kidston there. I fell in love with this gift set which had a pretty make up bag, and a brush set which came in it’s own little case. This compact mirror was inside with the brush set, I didn’t even realise it was there! It was about £30 for the whole thing but it’s been so worth it – this is the only compact mirror I’ve ever had, and I take it everywhere with me. I only ever use the make up bag that came with it, and I’m getting much more into using the different brushes – it helps that it’s all so pretty!

Crabtree & Evelyn Pear and Pink Magnolia Hand Therapy

This is genuinely one of the most gorgeous smelling creams I’ve come across! I saw it at an outlet store and just had to have it, which was helped by the fact that it was reduced to £3 (I’ve written about it in another post here). It’s a tiny bit on the greasy side, but I find this only tends to happen when I put a lot on, so a little seems to go a long way. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t care whether it moisturised my hands or not, because of the amazing scent, but when a have a bit of dry skin it deals with that quickly too!

My Glasses

This is a bit of a random one, I’m not sure anyone really wants to hear about my glasses. But they were in my bag, and I like them. They’re French Connection ones (I think), and they are honestly the best glasses I’ve picked in all my years of poor vision (aka roughly the last 10 years). They’re not quite thick enough to be fashion-y geek chic glasses, but they do suit me, which is all that matters in this case!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little sneak peek into my bag! I will say that this is by no means what I carry around all the time – the contents of all of my bags are constantly changing and swapping around, but hopefully this gives an insight into what I’m like a bit more, and perhaps it might even have been marginally entertaining…. 🙂

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