My 5 Favourite Things This Week

1. My crazily comfy new jumper from New Look (where else? :’) ). It’s a gorgeous deep blue, it’s a size too big, and it’s acceptable to wear in public. What’s not to love?!


2. Tuna mayo wraps, especially with spring onions. I’m not a massive fan of tuna mayo sandwiches when they’re from a shop or a restaurant, because they tend to add a lot of things I don’t like. Unfortunately, this is because a wrap with just a lump of tuna mayo in it isn’t that exciting. I tried it with spring onion because they’re basically the only complimentary thing that I like, and it’s seriously good. Yum.

3. Catching up with people – I know it’s only summer, and I’m going back to uni in 2 weeks, but I genuinely haven’t seen any uni friends over the whole summer, which is now over 3 months. I met up with my friend Christina yesterday in Oxford, and we genuinely spent 2 hours in a little coffee shop just talking about anything and everything. It was such great fun, and something which I’d kind of forgotten to miss. It’s made me look forward a lot more to going back, and kind of reinforced the importance of just having out with people, even if you’ve only got time for a cup of coffee.

4. This new notebook! It’s so pretty, I just had to have it – I’ve just got to find something to write in it now!


5. Another one from my trip to Oxford – Noodle Nation. I don’t know how much of a chain these restaurants are, but I absolutely love them! They’re so great for people who are a bit fussy like me, because you can basically just order meat and noodles if you want to. I’m a massive fan of Chinese food, and Noodle Nation mainly sticks to the classics, and they do soup too. Their starters are great too (duck spring rolls – yum!). There’s only one downside – huge portions, so I always have leave some!

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