Nearly 2 weeks ago now, I signed up to do the 100 Happy Days challenge, where you find something happy about every day for 100 days (duh). I chose to post about it over Instagram, which has actually been harder than I thought, because there are a lot of little things that make me happy that I either forget to take a picture of, or it’s just a conversation with friends, or some kind words from someone, which are difficult to capture. I’ve been quite ill over the past few days, even having to go into hospital on Thursday, so I haven’t kept it up that well. I was going to give up, but last night I went to the theatre with my mum, as she’d had the tickets for ages and I didn’t want to let her down. Despite still being a bit under the weather, I went anyway, and I had a lovely evening. I had to go to bed really early afterwards, but it was so worth going. I took a great picture of my mum in the restaurant afterwards, and this prompted me to keep doing the 100 happy days challenge – just because I’ve had a bad few days, doesn’t mean that the remainder of the challenge won’t be happy. I’ll just have to post twice some days to make up for it!

I was planning on doing a post here every 10 days, but that didn’t quite work out. I will share what I’ve posted so far though, because it has made me realise that, despite some bad things happening over the past few days, I’ve actually had a really good, happy couple of weeks overall.


Day 1 – In my first week back at uni, I’d been given a ridiculous amount of reading to do for an essay. I spent 2 days trying to read one book, and I finished it on this day, so even though it wasn’t a very happy day, I thought I’d achieved something!


Day 2 – Although it’s not a very flattering picture of me, I’d just finished my essay and my friends and I had gone to college bar for  couple of drinks to celebrate all of us completing deadlines. We’re not dressed up because we all left and went to bed about 10 minutes after this was taken :’) Essay writing is tiring!


Day 3 – It’s a bit strange for me this year at university, because my boyfriend Matt graduated over the summer, and has got a job and everything this year. This basically means that I don’t get to see him anywhere near as much as the last 2 years, so it makes me really happy when he can come visit me and we can spend some time together 🙂


Day 4 – As sad as it may be, shopping makes me very happy. So an impromptu trip into town and a mini-splurge at Superdrug made for a great day! Unfortunately I spent so much of the day shopping that I didn’t manage to get any work done… Oops.


Day 5 – Sorry, this guy again! We were just popping out for a bite to eat and I snapped this cute picture of Matt getting ready. Don’t know why, but it made me happy, so it got posted.


Day 6 – So last weekendI had a lot of work to do. On Saturday I played hockey and got hit with the ball, so I was feeling a bit sorry for myself on Sunday, what with the injury and the work to do and all. So I went and got loads of junk food to get me through the day, and unfortunately this was the one highlight of the day!


Day 7 – The bad day theme carried on through to Monday, and at the end of the day all I wanted to do was grab some drinks and have a nice chilled evening. So we went out and sat in a pub for the whole evening, which was really nice and took my mind off everything. This is me being *slightly* too dressed up for the pub in a new Primark dress, and some heels, but who cares?!


Day 8 – Matt took me out to dinner, which was really sweet, but we did have 40% off at Pizza Express (with an NUS Extra card – I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on one if you can)! Although they had my favourite risotto back on the menu, they didn’t have any in the restaurant we went to (boo) so I had to have pizza instead, although it was still really nice.

Okay, so that was Tuesday, and unfortunately days 9 and 10 didn’t go so well. But I’m committed to carrying on, so here’s yesterday’s photo, and I’ll aim to do another post sometime in the next week or two with some more pictures! 🙂


Day 11 – This is a rare picture of my lovely mum, who usually ends up not smiling or having her eyes closed in most pictures. Admittedly, this was about the 9th picture, and the only good one (might be more due to my photography skills as well?)! I thought this was really sweet, and definitely topped off a nice evening together. I don’t often get to spend time just with my mum, and I only see her very rarely whilst I’m at uni, so I really appreciated her visiting. The musical we went to see, and the pizzas at Jamie’s, weren’t too shabby either!

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