Autumn Beauty Wishlist

I thought I’d do a bit of a wish list of all of the beauty products that I’m after at the moment. I’ve called it an autumn wishlist not because any of these things are particularly related to autumn, but because I can’t see myself needing too much more stuff before winter comes around! Saying that, maybe I would have been better calling it an October wishlist just in case. Never mind. If I end up having to do another one, I’ll have to think of a more imaginative name!

I’m not going to do these in any particular order, I’ll try to separate make up, hair care, and skincare though if I remember!


Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara – £7.99

I hope I’ve spelt that right! I’ve heard so much about this mascara, especially the addition of argan oil to the formula, which makes it pretty special. I’m a bit of a mascara junkie, mainly because I’m much more of an eye make up person than anything else, so this really appeals to me. I know it’s not expensive, and I could just pop into Boots or somewhere and get one, but I always end up buying too much and so £7.99 on top of everything else always feels like a bit too much. Maybe I will make it a priority to go into town and just buy one of these!


No7 Mineral Perfection Powder Foundation – £13.50

I’m really not a fan of liquid or even cream foundations for everyday wear, although I do like to give them a go from time to time, and I don’t mind wearing one on a night out to get that even skin tone. So a powder foundation sounds perfect to me, as I’m used to wearing bronzer. The only reason I haven’t picked this up already is because I have a mini Smashbox powder which I’ll be trying out soon, and I wanted to see what that was like and what kind of coverage it offered. No7 is a lot more affordable, so if the Smashbox powder is any good (which I suspect it will be), I’ll definitely be up for trying this No7 powder next!


MAC Technakohl Liner in Greyprint – £14.00

I have to admit that I haven’t actually got any MAC products – they’re they tiniest bit out of my price range to be honest. I went through a phase of lusting after all of their lipsticks, before deciding that I wasn’t massively a lipstick person, and during that time this caught my eye. As I’ve mentioned, I’m much more a fan of eye make up, especially liner – I love the ease of liner, in that a decent slick on the top lid, a light black line underneath, plus mascara, and you’re basically ready to go. I’ve been looking for a grey liner, because I often find black to be slightly too harsh. Plus I’d really love some MAC make up! So this really ticked all the boxes!


Benefit Hoola Bronzer – £23.50

Okay, I’ve got a couple of Benefit products on here. Again, I’ll admit that I’m fairly late to the Benefit bandwagon, but I’ve seriously fallen in love with roughly half of everything they sell. I’ll spare you a great big long list of Benefit products and why I love them, but there’s two that I just have to mention. I’ve been using the same Natural Collection bronzer since I was about 16, and I’m starting to look for a new one. I’ve just got the Bourjois bronzer and highlighter (the chocolate-y type set?) which I’m going to try, but this is the one that I’m wanting in the long run. So so pretty, rave-reviewed – perfect.


Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner – £18.50

So this is the second Benefit product at the top of my Benefit ‘I want everything’ list! I had one bad experience with a liquid eyeliner a couple of years ago and I’ve never much wanted to try it again. But the effect it creates can’t be ignored, and I’m hoping that this will create a similar effect with a much easier application. There’s been so much hype about it, I can’t imagine that many people can be wrong!

image-2 image

Percy and Reed Finishing Polish and Wonder Balm – £18 & £10

I’ve put these two together to shorten this post a bit, I’m aware that it’s getting long. I absolutely love Percy and Reed haircare, but again, so expensive for me. I received both of these as free gifts in different magazines (at different times), and they’re two of very few products that have ever done anything for my hair. My hair is a nightmare, it’s thick and curly, it looks nice at first when it’s taken out of a bun, but as soon as I go out, it frizzes up within about 20 minutes. These two products helped to protect the curls a bit, although because they were quite small sizes, and I have a lot of hair, I haven’t really been able to try them out for a reasonable amount of time. Although to be honest, the full sizes are so small I don’t think they’d fare any better!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette – from £35 for 30ml

I’ve always admired Marc Jacobs perfume from afar, mainly because of the gorgeous bottles! For my birthday this year I got the Lola perfume from my boyfriend, which smells divine, so I’ve become a lot more interested. This is another amazing smell, a bit summery but I’m not the kind to have strict seasonal scents! I’ve also just seen on the Boots website that they do a gift set with a 50ml EDT and a shower gel and body lotion, so that will definitely be going on my Christmas list! (Christmas!!!!)


Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette – from £37.50 for 30ml

This is another gorgeous scent, although once again I am slightly in love with the bottle, almost as much as the perfume! Another one for the Christmas list I think! I know that this is quite a light scent as well, not so much for autumn, and I probably should wait to see what comes out over the next couple of months. But there’s no harm in wishing!

And finally… A decent moisturiser!

My mum (of all people) pointed out the other day that I really should start moisturising. Shock, I don’t moisturise my face regularly. I know. Really bad. But at the risk of you all hating me, I really have never needed to moisturise or have much of a skincare regime. I have quite clear skin, which tends to be slightly dry or oily at different times of the day, but it kind of seems to sort itself out. And I only rarely get spots. Sorry. But I do recognise the importance of preventive skincare, which is why I’m interested in a decent moisturiser which I can start using as soon as possible. Also one that smells nice, because I’ve been trying on a few that we’ve got in the bathroom, and they all smell awful! I don’t know if it’s something to do with how good they are, but I’d definitely prefer to be putting something that smells nice on my face! Anyway, any recommendations are very very welcome!

So, thanks for sticking with me! I know that was a really long post, but I was probably doing it for me almost as much as for you guys! Off to start writing my Christmas list now….!

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