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Today is my second day back at university. I’m all unpacked and settled in, and although I’ve got exams tomorrow, I thought I’d take the chance to write a bit about returning to uni, the time of year, and what that means to me.

So as I mentioned, I’ve actually got exams tomorrow. At Oxford, they set us exams called ‘collections’ at the beginning of every term, to test us on what we learnt last term. They’re three hour exams with 3-4 essays in each one, and generally I have to take two at the start of every term. Unfortunately, as they are on the Friday and Saturday of this week, mine are both always on the Saturday, so although I get an extra day to revise (kind of..), a lot of people are done with theirs before I even get started. Urgh. The trouble with having these collections is that it really puts me off coming back to college! I know that sounds silly, because it is, for the most part, great here (I go to St Anne’s College, which is a part of Oxford University – the whole university is actually made up of individual colleges, and everyone belongs to a college, as well as to the university as a whole [if you already knew that – sorry!]). But I’m not exactly going to look forward to a day of constant exams within a few days of getting back, am I?

Saying all of that, once collections are over, I LOVE Michaelmas Term (Autumn term for anyone else). I know there’s loads of blog posts out there about autumn, but I do genuinely love autumn! I like being able to wear boots, chunky knots, and most of all scarves all the time. I actually like colder weather – that’s how it’s meant to be in England! Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun too, and you can’t beat a bit of sunbathing on our scarce few hot days in the summer, but something about the colder weather just makes everything else so cosy – you can get wrapped up in knits, curl up in blankets in your room, even have a fire in the hearth (although that one’s strictly for when I’m at home!). I guess I’m straying a bit more into winter, but autumn heralds the start of all that. And then it;s nearly Christmas!!!! (Sorry.) This term is generally great at uni too, with lots of indoor get-togethers, pub nights more than club nights, and lots of autumn/Halloween/Bonfire Night/Christmas themed events!

On a slightly lower note, autumn also makes me feel better about staying in my room and not really doing much! I know this isn’t necessarily a good thing, but when the weather’s actually really nice, I definitely feel the pressure to be outside more, get out to more things, and just enjoy the sunshine (my mum’s a big supporter of ‘enjoying the sun’). And often, I want to do just that – but sometimes I don’t. Then it’s nice to be able to just shut myself in my room for an evening, and curl up in bed with some chocolate and DVDs and just chill out for an evening. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it just seems like people seem to understand it more at this time of year than in the summer months.

Mini rant over! Anyway, after the stress of packing, moving, unpacking, revising, and sitting my exams, I’ll be really glad to just get back into the swing of things. So bring on the cold weather, the scarves, jumpers, and boots, the autumn leaves, the darker colours, the earlier nights, the evenings curled up in bed, the Halloween celebrations, the Bonfire Night fireworks, the putting up of Christmas decorations way too early, the playing of Christmas songs way too early, the copious amounts of hot drinks, the late night bar sessions, the themed nights out, and even the colds and the rain. I’m looking forward to (most of) it!


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