Sunday Shopping Spree

IMG_2102 Okay, so I know my last post was also a shopping haul, but it was also a Youtube video which I filmed at least a week ago (I had to wait for someone to help me with the editing :’) ). Today is my first weekend back in Oxford, and because I actually had a (sort of) free day today after my exams yesterday, me and Matt decided to pop into town this afternoon for a bit of a wander. Unfortunately, I’d already thought of a couple of things I wanted from Superdrug, and I’d been wanting to go to the Primark in Oxford for a while to check out the homeward section. So this is what I’ve ended up with, and it’s way more than I should have spent, because I also had to buy a £20 book today for my political theory option this term, but once I’ve paid rent etc I’ll be able to make a proper budget to stop days like today happening! Anyway, despite the guilt, I get to show them off now, which makes me feel a lot better!


Real Techniques Eyeshadow Shading Brush – £6.99

I’ve been buying an awful lot of eyeshadow recently, and it occurred to me that I might benefit from using a decent brush. The one I have now is a Body Shop one, but it’s very flat – this Real Techniques one is a lot more fluffy (not that I’ve taken it out of the packaging yet, but it’s noticeably fluffier). I was browsing in Superdrug and saw all of the brushes, I’ve heard so much about the brand, and I can’t wait to try this out!

Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Spray – £8

Being a pretty big fan of Zoella and everything that she does, I’ve ended up buying wuite a few things from her new beauty collection released recently. The other things I’ve bought are featuring in an imminent vlog, but this body spray I did just pick up today. It smells gorgeous, quite fresh but calming, and the packaging is seriously cute. I love how it’s really just a body spray, but looks like a perfume.


Revolution Salvation Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Girls on Film’ – £6

At £6, these Revolution eye palettes are a steal. This is the second of the Salvation palettes that I’ve picked up recently and they are gorgeous! The packaging is brilliant, each one has a different concept with some cool artwork/wording on the box (which is a nightmare to get into by the way). And they’re just as pretty inside. I loved the more nude palette of this selection, it’s something a bit new for me as I’m definitely more of a grey/black smokey or bold eye kinda gal, so it’ll be great to try out these and see what I can make of these shades.


Primark Flowery and Despicable Me Pyjamas

I definitely didn’t go into Primark to get pyjamas, but when I did a bit of a Primark haul last week (another one for the vlog) I really wanted some and couldn’t find any in that particular store. So when I came across the huge pyjama section in the Oxford centre store, I had to have a look around. These Despicable Me short pyjamas were a must-have for me, I love the films! And I did need some more plain, long pyjamas, and I thought these pink and grey flowery ones were really cute, but not too childish – you never know when you might need some more plain PJs! Unfortunately, in trying to make sure these were both loose enough, I think I may have overestimated and gone too big, although as long as they’re not falling down I think they’ll be okay!


Primark Pink Tea Towel

Okay, I know tho isn’t exactly exciting, or a fashion or beauty item, but it was one of the few things that I found in the homeward section that I liked, so I’m going to show it. It says ‘Stressed is just Desserts spelled backwards’ on it, which I thought was really cute, and it’s pink, which automatically makes a very boring item a bit prettier.

Primark LED lights

I really wanted some fairy lights for my room at uni, but I haven’t really got anywhere to hang them from around the walls. This mini set are a bit more practical, I figured they can just be pinned on my noticeboard or just pinned to one shelf. I had a better look at them when we got back though and they need 3 AA batteries, which I definitely don’t have! Oops.

Primark ‘LOVE’ sign

This is a really mini sign, but I thought it was really sweet, just a little extra to personalise my room. It looks all whitewashed and faded and not too cheap, plus it was only £1!

Primark Winter Warmers Socks

I’ve really wanted some thicker socks recently, specifically some with pretty autumn/winter patterns all over! So I picked these up just walking past. When we got back, I opened them and had a closer look, and the inside is amazing! They’re really really soft inside, they’re going to be amazing to wear!

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