#100happydays No2

Following my 100 happy days post a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to do a bit of an update. I know it kind of goes against the whole idea of the challenge, but I am awful at remembering to get pictures of things, so there are a few gaps. Oops! Anyway, here are all of the photos I’ve managed in between my last post and now, and if it didn’t go without saying, this is going to be a very picture-heavy post!


Day 12 – Okay, so back when I was still managing to post most days, there were a lot of food-related posts, so sorry about that! Me and Matt decided to cook dinner in college, and we made this really cool hoisin chicken with noodles. The prawn crackers were from the local Chinese takeaway though!



Day 14 – This was a Monday, and even though i don’t go to work, there’s just something about Mondays that gets me down, as I know is the case with most other people! There was a cake sale on in college, and so I went across and got these two little cupcakes, and made myself a huge mug of coffee to go with them. Yum!


Day 16 – Skipped another day, oops! Sorry. Anyway, this was Wednesday night and we all went out for PPE curry. PPE is the subject I study (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), and at my college within Oxford Uni, there’s about 5 or so people in each year (out of 3 years) who take PPE. Every term we try and get together and do a bit of a crew date, although it’s only PPEists, which basically means going to one of the local curry places which lets you bring your own alcohol, having a meal, and playing drinking games. It’s not big, it’s not clever, but it’s absolutely hilarious. Great night!



Day 17 – Jamie’s Pizzeria has just opened up in Oxford, which is separate from the actual Jamie’s Italian, which is quite cool. Matt and I had a bit of a date night, and for dessert I had this amazing mango sorbet, which was hands down one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


Day 18 – I will stress that this was day 18, so I have skipped a day, and I didn’t eat out two nights in a row! This is from Giraffe restaurant in Oxford, and the burgers are genuinely gorgeous, again some of the best I’ve ever tasted. And unfortunately I have eaten a lot of burgers, as I’m very fussy with food, so they’re often the only thing on a menu which I can eat!


Day 20 – Yet more food! Can you tell that food makes me happy? :’) This was a Sunday, and Matt and I actually cooked our very own roast dinner! Admittedly the chicken was already cooked and the Yorkshire puddings wreaths frozen ones that you just heat up, but still. We were in uni accommodation where the kitchens are about up to the standard of 30 years ago!


Day 21 – Okay, I promise this is the last of the food related days for a while! We went out to Pizza Express for dinner really randomly, I think I’d had a bad day and just needed a bit of cheering up. This was from their winter menu, it’s a chicken and mushroom risotto, and last year I was obsessed with it. I had it every time we went to Pizza Express, and like I said, I’m really fussy with food, so we needed up going to Pizza Express a lot because I liked things there! Unfortunately, the risotto wasn’t quite as I remembered it, but we had a good evening nonetheless, and I love eating at Pizza Express whatever because of the dough balls!



Day 23 – I was very happy when my Amazon order arrived! I had also bought some bits and pieces for Matt’s anniversary present, but obviously I didn’t take a picture of them. I had originally decided to wait for the new Taylor Swift album to come out on Spotify, but obviously she then removed all of her music from Spotify, so it was pretty clear that this wasn’t getting put up. So I figured that as long as I was spending money on the album, I might as well get the disc and everything instead of just downloading it. And it was so worth it! Plus this book, The Happiness Project, I had seen on Hannah Gale’s blog, and she said that she had been reading it and loved it. I thought that, since I seem to have a bit of a problem being happy (hence the 100 happy days project too!), this might be a good read.


Day 24 – Me and some friends went to a house party which a group of girls in our year were holding in Jericho (the area of Oxford near to our college). This is an extremely unattractive photo of me, and I have my hood up, but unfortunately it was the only picture I got of all of us! It was a really good night, I regretted it at my 9am tutorial the next morning though!


Day 29 – Majorly skipped some days here! I know it’s bad but some days I forgot, and some days the things that make you happy just aren’t things that you can capture in a photo. These are the few Christmas decorations I’d allowed myself in my room, including my amazing new Christmas cushions!


Day 30 – Make up addict that I am, this little delivery from Superdrug made me very happy. I’m a bit of a glitter nail polish junkie at the moment, and I loved the shimmers in this little Makeup Revolution palette. The only thing was that it was a very very little palette, it was genuinely tiny!


Day 33 – I really love this picture of Matt and I! I was trying to take a picture of my dress in the mirror (obviously…) and Matt kept getting in the way, and I got this really cute picture of him laughing in the background. This is from our anniversary, which I talked about in my post a couple of days ago.



Day 35 – As part of our anniversary, we went shopping, and had an afternoon tea break at Krispy Kreme (where else?)! It was so sweet and yummy, and the whole day was really fun and enjoyable, I had a really great day.



Day 36 – Phew, final picture! These were all of my bags from Monday, I was a very happy girl!

As you can see, I’ve had some great times these past few weeks! However, I am aware that this was a mega picture heavy post, so i will try to do the next 100 happy days post a bit sooner, especially if I’ve been keeping up with it better!


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