Confessions of a Glitter Nail Polish Obsessive

Recently I have been buying a LOT of glitter nail polishes. There have just been so many gorgeous ones around that I haven’t been able to resist! I’ve consequently ended up with probably more than I can possibly wear before Christmas, but to be honest I’ll probably end up wearing them for a while after that. TheseĀ here all of my latest purchases, and also some of my old favourites that I tend to wear all the time.


Rimmel Glitter Bomb Topcoat in Midnight Mistletoe (L) and Bedazzled (R)

These are two of my recent purchases, as I’m fairly sure that this is a reasonably new addition for Rimmel. These really caught my eye as they are so colourful! The one on the left is the true Christmassy one, as the flecks of glitter are red and green, and Bedazzled is an amazing mix of blue, pink, and purple. I have only tried Bedazzled, and these are literally only a topcoat, they just give a very sparse array of glitter with every coat, so the only downside is having to use about 3 coats of this!



Orly Lacquer Vernis Esmalte in Luxe (L) and Star Spangled (R)

These Orly polishes are both ones which I got free in magazines, so they are pretty tiny, but they are just amazing quality! I love the name of the sparkly red one, ‘Star Spangled’, and the gold one is just perfect for the festive season. These can be worn on their own, because with a few coats they become entirely opaque, which looks really cool. Nothing beats getting great quality products for free!



Barry M Glitterati Nail Paint in Catwalk Queen

I loved the colour and finish of this polish so much that I actually went out specifically to buy this from Superdrug! I have yet to try this, so I can’t comment on the consistency or whether this is more of a top coat or a wear-alone varnish. I just loved the colour and the sparkles and I can’t wait to wear it!



H&M Nail Polish in Rooftop Party

This is an old polish, which I bought over a year ago, but it’s still going strong. This again is more of a topcoat, but you get far more glitter per coat than with the Rimmel ones above. I’m really a pink kinda girl at heart, and this i probably one of the girlies polishes that you’re going to find!



Barry M Special Edition Christmas Nail Paint in Christmas Tree (L) and Jingle Bells (R)

Two of my favourite recent purchases are these special edition Christmas polishes. I love anything related to Christmas, and whilst all f these polishes are pretty festive, these ones are even named after Christmas things!! If you watch my videos on Youtube (check them out, the link to my channel is in the sidebar. Shameless plug. Soz), you’ll know that I had quite the palaver with the Christmas Tree polish. I’d actually ordered it alongside the gold one online, and Superdrug sent me a random email simply saying that they had no stock whatsoever and just wouldn’t be sending me it. Of course I got a refund, but I was still a little disappointed. However, last week I went into my local Superdrug when I was in town and, lo and behold, there were about 8 of the Christmas Tree polishes on display at the Barry M stand! Unbelievable. How Superdrug had enough stock to send probably a dozen of these to a relatively small store in Oxford, but not to someone who had already paid for one online, I do not know. But not to worry, I got the nail polish, so I’m happy! Anyway, Christmas Tree is an extremely festive one, mainly green with specks of red, and Jingle Bells is an amazing mix of mostly gold, bright pink, and even some teeny tiny star shapes.



Essie Multidimension Topcoat in Summit of Style

This is without a doubt now of the most expensive but gorgeous polishes I have ever bought, and I was so glad I did. This is part of a recently released Essie collection of glitter polishes, and this one really stood out for me. Although it looks quite gold, the glitter in this is actually more of a bronze, which gives it that sophisticated edge. I love it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip through my glitter nail polishes, as you can tell I’m very much looking forward to Christmas and everything sparkly and glittery that comes with it!

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