New Website, Anniversary, and Christmas – Updates #2

Welcome to my new website! The same This is Lilli blog with a brand new domain name and snazzy new layout and design. Yay!

I’ll be 100% writing the same kinds of posts, basically about anything and everything that interests me, plus all of my old posts have been transferred here so they’re all there for everyone to take a look at.

This has all come about because it was mine and my boyfriend’s two year anniversary over the weekend (well, Friday, but we decided to make a weekend out of it). He’s pretty tech-y and this new website was his present to me. Now, try not to judge too much, but at first I was not overly impressed. It’s not much of a defence, but I am unfortunately a very material person, and a material person who was expecting lots of jewellery/perfume/fashion/beauty inspired loveliness as a gift. This really does sound awful! Yep, I’m a horrible person. BUT we had already decided we would give gifts, so it wasn’t unreasonable of me to expect a gift, and I don’t know about you guys but when I think of a gift I imagine the kind of presents which I usually get which, I must add, are all material things.

So yes, high expectations, horrible person etc etc. HOWEVER! Once I started playing about with this new website, I absolutely loved it! It makes everything look so much more professional and sleek, and it just feels like a massive step up, even though I’m not doing anything different. So Matt, if you’re reading this, I’m really REALLY sorry for not appreciating what a cool and thoughtful gift this was!

So that’s the story of the new website and how I should hold off judgement until I’ve had time to truly appreciate something…!

As I mentioned, this Friday was mine and Matt’s anniversary, and so we decided to make a proper weekend of it. He took Friday and Monday off and we started Friday with brunch at Carluccio’s, which was so yummy! I had Eggs Benedict and a latte, and Matt had some kind of scrambled-egg-toast-salmon thing and juice.



Oh, and here’s us after getting ready Friday morning. Cute, huh? 🙂 Also please take note of this amazing giant H&M jumper, I absolutely adore it and I only got it last weekend!


We also booked a cute little hotel for Friday. The hotel was in a little village called Streatley, which was fairly near Reading. It was so cute, and right by the river there (I think it was the Thames). The view from our window was gorgeous too.




Once we were settled in, we went out for a walk in the late afternoon. It was a bit chilly, but so autumn-y, the sun was slowly setting and it was just a really pretty area. On our way back, we stopped by this little cafe, and they were advertising hot waffles. So of course we had to go in. And oh maaaan were these waffles good. I’m drooling just looking at the picture again… (There are actually waffles under the mountain of squirty cream, chocolate sauce, and ice cream, honestly!)



That night we had dinner in the hotel restaurant which was quite posh. I wore this cute little black dress that I got at the same time as the amazing yellow jumper from H&M, and I was really pleased with how smart and a little bit sophisticated it looked.



And this is us being a bit silly after dinner (and after some wine too…).



Breakfast was included, so of course we took advantage of the buffet, so of course I ended up having a whole cooked breakfast, lots of toast, and a bowl of Rice Krispies to top it off.




I also managed to get this cool misty photo over the river that morning. I don’t know what happened after the gorgeous weather on Friday, but Saturday was very misty and foggy. I thought this was a great shot, with the riverboat and the willow, with the old houses in the background. It genuinely was a gorgeous little place and I’m so glad we got to see it!




We had a bit of a lazy weekend at home for the rest of the time, just relaxing, having lie-ins, and eating way too much chocolate! On Monday, we also went to Milton Keynes to the giant shopping centre there, and I was allowed free reign to shop, so I was a very happy girl! We also made a couple of stops for food on our way round, Nandos for lunch and Krispy Kreme for our afternoon pit stop 🙂




I had an absolutely brilliant weekend, and I’m fairly sure Matt did too!  The only other thing that I wanted to squeeze into this blog post was a little bit about Christmas!! Some will say it’s far too early, but I’ve always loved Christmas, and now I’m (a bit more of) an adult I can start celebrating earlier. As well as the little decorations in my room in the picture below, I now also have a Christmas tree! I haven’t got a picture yet but expect many Christmas related posts in the very near future, and I’m sure it will make it into one of those!


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