#100happydays No3 (Blogmas Day 4)

Time for another 100 happy days update!



Day 38 – I love this cute picture of me and Matt 🙂 We had a great evening out at dinner, and a very funny walk home!



Day 39 – Seeing all the lights up on St Giles’s in Oxford made me feel really Christmassy! I love it when the Christmas lights start going up, and shops decorate their windows, it makes a simple walk through town a little bit happier.



Day 40 – I went to a party for my friend Jess here, who’s over form Denmark for the year. I had to drive home, so I wasn’t drinking, but it was still a fun night, if a bit cold!



Day 43 – I’m not (too) ashamed to admit that I’m a bit of a Geordie Shore fan! Matt was staying at mine, so we had a fun evening catching up on the episodes which we had missed over a bottle of wine. If nothing else, it’s a great show to have a laugh at!


Day 44 – I’m not sure why I took a selfie with such awful hair and no make up on :’) I’d had a really good day though, just getting lots done, working from my bed with my latest comfy jumper on.



Day 45 – Again, I’m not sure why I even Instagrammed this, I look drunk (I honesty wasn’t)! It’s a nice picture of Matt though…



Day 46 – Obviously there was a major need to Instagram this little selection box, right? No? Ah… I was pretty happy with this half price buy from Tesco, and of course I may have sat and eaten most of this all at once… Oops!



Day 47 – This was a Saturday night, and it was actually our college’s Christmas bop. We didn’t go out in the end, but had a great evening hanging out in the college bar. I managed to grab this snap with my friend, and it was one of the only decent pictures of the night!



Day 48 – And here’s the start of the Christmas tree pictures! I’m noticing that a lot of these pictures are pretty bad quality, so I apologise for that! This also has my messy notice board in the background which isn’t great, but I was proud of my little tree!



Day 50 – I can’t remember if this was actually the 1st or 2nd of December, but I was very excited about my beauty calendar!



Day 51 – I liked this close up of baubles on my tree, and it was so Christmassy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this update on my #100happydays challenge! As this has been a particularly picture-heavy post, I’ll again leave showing what I’ve got in my beauty advent calendar for another post. Keep an eye out for more Blogmas posts very soon!


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