11 Things I’ll Definitely Be Doing This Christmas (Blogmas 14)

1. Eating way too much chocolate – because why else are those big tins of Quality Street left out unguarded?

2. Listening to the same Christmas songs on repeat. Not a problem, as I’ve been doing it since November…

3. Buying a Christmas jumper that’s actually quite nice, but not wanting to wear it on Christmas Day because it’s nowhere near dressy enough (who doesn’t love to get dressed dup at Christmas?!).

4. Realising at some point that my advent calendar only goes up to the 24th.. *sob*… because that last one on Christmas Day really does mean a lot to me.

5. Downloading an iPhone app which tells me exactly how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until Christmas Day. Why not?

6. Looking forward to seeing the family, but everything descending into madness and arguments once everyone arrives.

7. Putting up and decorating everyone’s Christmas trees… because God forbid they do it themselves (mini rant – soz!).

8. Still waking up super early on Christmas morning. Because PRESENTS!

9. Circling all of the Christmas TV specials in the TV guide, and then forgetting to watch them all.

10. Decorating everywhere with tinsel and fairy lights, so that whatever room I;m in, I can feel all festive. Yay!

11. Generally getting way too excited about Christmas as we get closer to the big day. I might be old enough to be considered an adult, but I will always adore Christmas!

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