Festive Make Up: Shimmers and Sparkle (Blogmas Day 22)

Around Christmas, and really throughout winter generally, I love to wear shimmery make up, especially on the eyes. I’ve put together a bit of a collection of my favourite eyeshadows and eyeliners which I like to wear during the festive period, to add that little bit of sparkle to my make up!




I love cream eyeshadows, and I know I’ve raved before about the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr shadows. The darker, burgundy-like colour is Metallic Pomegranate, which I do find a bit dark but which is great for an alternative smokey eye. The pinky one is Pink Gold and the brown one is On and On Bronze, both of which are amazing, versatile shadows, which can be worn at any time of the day. The gold one is 24K Gold, and this makes for a striking shimmery eye. It doesn’t come out too yellow, but it is amazing for emphasising eyes and providing a perfect Christmassy pop of colour. The silver pot on the end is actually a Max Factor Excess Shimmer pot. These are more expensive, and so I thought they’d be better than the Maybelline ones. In reality, they are just a completely different consistency and can barely be compared. The Max Factor Shimmers are very thick, much more difficult to apply. They’re best described as more of a paste, while the Maybelline Color Tattoo’s are the far more creamy texture which you would expect from this type of shadow. The Excess Shimmer pots do provide a striking eye, and great coverage, but I would definitely stick with the Maybelline ones! The silver is a useful shimmery colour to have hough, and I don’t think Maybelline do a Color Tattoo in a similar colour.




These are all fantastic colours for the festive season, in the classics, silver, gold, and bronze. They are all the softer, creamier liners, as opposed to pencil/kohl liners, and so I find them far easier to apply! The Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner is the perfect standout silver, and the thin nib means it’s great for lining underneath the eye. The Maybelline Master Drama Chromatics provides far less coverage, and so I only tend to ue this over other colours or as more of a highlight under the outer eye. The Barry M Eyeshadow Pencils are amazing, and I have these in lots of different (less shimmery) colours. They are far better than the very similar Rimmel products, which are far less pigmented. This is the perfect bronze, which I tend to wear as a thick liner above the lashes, and which works for day and for night. Definitely recommend these!




This Revolution single eyeshadow I’ve put separately purely because it isn’t a cream shadow. It’s also not that long lasting, but it is in the most perfect shimmery brown/bronze shade, which is great for just wearing all over the lid for a hit of subtle sparkle. The Body Shop item is a glitter liquid liner, which is basically like the eyeliner version of a glitter topcoat nail polish. I’ve had these for years and years, but I’m still constantly drawn back to it for a superbly subtle hint of glitter in the corners and underneath the eye. Finally, this Natural Collection bronzing powder is full of glitter, and something which I used to wear a lot. I’ve figured that it’s not really that great for everyday wear, but over the festive period, a dash of this on the cheekbones makes for a hybrid bronzer/highlighter, which gives a great, healthy golden glow. Perfect for those Christmas parties!

I’m also going to tag on my latest No7 goodies from my advent calendar:



The two polishes are a silver glitter polish and a dark red, which are perfect winter colours. There’s a cute little hand cream with SPF (always useful), an amazing metallic eyeliner in a shimmery dark grey, and the black tube is another mascara, which I’m always excited about! Finally, the eyeshadow is a slightly shimmery cream, which I think would be a great base shadow for an evening eye look. Definitely pleased with everything so far!

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