REVIEW: Bath House Spanish Fig and Nutmeg Body Wash (Blogmas Day 20)



The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that this body wash is, in fact, for men, but it doesn’t stop it being amazing! I had wanted to do all Christmas related posts after a point, but quite honestly I’m low on ideas, so I’m going to market this as a Christmas post because this is the most perfect Christmas/wintery shower gel you could ask for.

This was a gift which my boyfriend received last Christmas and has only just started using it. It’s in the shower at his and so I’ve ended up using it when everything else ran out. And I can only say that I am so glad I did! Although it is the same consistency as a shower gel, it has glycerine in it, which makes in really smoothing and moisturising, perfect for the colder months and pampering the skin.

The smell is just gorgeous. It’s not at all a typical ‘man’ smell like you find in all of the Lynx shower gels and deodorants, it really is a nice, fragrant smell. It’ fairly subtle and in no way overpowering, but it is an amazing combination of sweet tones, with just a hint of spice underneath, which adds to the Christmassy¬†element. The fig and nutmeg, as well as smelling great, provide restorative benefits to the skin, and a natural exfoliant respectively.

I’d definitely recommend any of these products, obviously they are intended for men, but get some for your other half and give it a try yourself! Judging by the great scent of this, I can imagine that their other products are great too, and with fragrances like Vanilla Noir and Amber, and Frangipani and Grapefruit, I might be tempted to try some out in the future. The downside is, of course, that they are a tad expensive for bath products, but if anyone has or does try any other products from Bath House, do let me know how they are in the comments!



I thought I’d also tag a few of the products I’ve been getting in my No7 advent calendar here. I’m a bit behind (I think these are from the start of the week) but I’ll get hem all put up! There’s another lip crayon, which is in a darker pink, a kohl eyeliner which is just in black, an essential lip brush (probably won’t be used for lips because I don’t tend to wear lipstick!), and a moisturising body lotion. Not the most exciting lot, but it will all get used up I’m sure!

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