Review: LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel (Blogmas Day 12)

Okay, so I know this isn’t that Christmassy, but it is from LUSH’s Christmas range, so close enough!

Everyone in the blogging and Youtube worlds seems to go insane about the LUSH Christmas range. I don’t often get to have baths, so I don’t really see the attraction of all of their bath products, but I was keen to try out at least some of their Christmas products. Snow Fairy seems to be a cult Christmas classic, so I thought I’d give it a go.

One thing I will say about LUSH products, which I might have said before, is that I was very surprised at how expensive they were! This bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel which I picked was about £7-8 for only 250ml, which isn’t even their largest size. I understand that a lot of their skincare products and similar work really well and are great handmade quality, but honestly for what really is just glorified shower gel, I thought the price was a little steep. I got some anyway, of course, because I wanted to give it a try! I’ll come back to this point in a sec.

Anyway, on to the shower gel! Snow Fairy at first looks amazing, it’s bright pink and glittery, in fairly typical LUSH packaging, and just generally looks quite pretty. But it’s the smell, for me, which is the key to this product. It is sweet, so sweet, but in a nice way, if that makes sense! It honestly smells like a sweetshop, like candyfloss and sugary sweets and sweet perfume all rolled together. And it really does stick around. At uni, my bathroom would smell of it all day after I’d showered in the morning. And now I’m at home, I can still smell it in our shower room the next day, after everyone else has had showers. It also lingers on the skin for a considerable amount of time, even making some of my clothes smell of it when I’ve put them on straight away after a shower. It really is quite impressive. Of course, it also does it’s job very well, as you tend to expect from a shower gel (well, it’s not that difficult is it?).

Overall, I love using this shower gel. It’s far better than your everyday average Radox stuff. I just can’t justify the price. For those of you out there with cash to splash, I’d greatly recommend this and any LUSH products as alternatives to everyday household bath and shower products, but when I can get great smelling shower gel for a couple of pounds, I just can’t justify forking out £8 on a bottle of the stuff which probably has less in it, and doesn’t really offer any extra benefits (although it is glittery…). I can see this being a treat I might get for myself at Christmastime once a year, but it’s unfortunately not a definite repurchase, purely for the price tag.



Above is a picture of the beauty goodies which I’ve been getting in my No7 beauty advent calendar lately! If you haven’t read some of my previous posts, I’m tagging these on the end of some Blogmas posts now and then, and I hope to do some mini reviews on them in the new year.

I can’t remember if I’ve already shown the day cream on the right, which is basically a moisturiser with SPF15, which should be good to try out. The single eyeshadow is a gorgeous shimmery bronze-silver colour (okay, that didn’t make much sense, but it doesn’t have a colour name), and anyone who knows me knows I love eyeshadow, especially shimmers, so I was very pleased with this! The eye make up remover and the body wash were one day after another, which was a slightly boring two days. I’ve actually already got some of the make u remover which I’ve never tried, which I must get round to, and the body wash, although at least a decent size, is not too exciting coming from a brand far more famous for its make up! The Stay Precise felt tip liner I got today, and I’m pretty excited about! I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually tried out felt tip or liquid liner, so this issuing to be my Christmas vacation challenge before I go back to uni – perfect black eyeliner!

I hope this Blogmas post has been enjoyable, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post too!

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