Review: LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser (Blogmas Day 7)

I wanted to do a review of this product as I felt that it was quite expensive for what it is, and might not be the product for everyone. Just for the record, this is the full size version of this cleanser, which comes in at around £12 (i.e. more than I’ve ever spent on a single skincare product!).

It is described as an effective, gentle cleanser, and as being a rich, soft, and oily cleansing cream. It also has beeswax and rose extracts to soften and clean the skin.

To start with, I got the bigger pot of this, because the smaller ones looked so tiny that I thought I’d get through one in just a few uses. This is definitely not the case. The tub that I have is technically out of date in about a week but, because I haven’t been using it daily, I’d probably get another 20 or so uses out of it. I’ll definitely go for a smaller tub with other products!

The big problem which I have with this product is the smell. Being called Ultrabland, I thought it wouldn’t smell of much, and when I smelt the tester in the shop there were slight fragrances but nothing overwhelming and barely anything at all really. This is still how it smells now in the tub. However, when you get this out and onto your face, it stinks! I don’t know if it’s just me, but the first time I used this I scrambled pretty much instantly to scrub this completely from my face, and I even washed my flannel afterwards for good measure. To be honest, I can’t really explain how it smells, I just found it AWFUL!

I’ll admit that I have used it again since. I was forced to use it when I’d left my normal Garner cleanser elsewhere, and actually second time round the smell wasn’t as excruciating. This was most probably because I was expecting it, of course. It still wasn’t pleasant. However, I am going to try and get a few more uses out of this, mainly due to the extortionate price tag!

On a positive note, I cannot complain about the actual intended effects of this cleanser. It does it’s job. It is not the best for getting off eye make up, mainly mascara, but it makes a good dent. It also left my skin amazingly soft the next day, although this was something which I noticed far more with the first use, and not so much after the second.

I have to say, for ease of use and also impact, I’m definitely inclined at the moment to sick to a water-based cleanser, like micellar water, as cream cleanser are even more of a faff. However, if you are a cream cleanser kinda gal (or guy), and you don’t mind putting weird smelling product on your face, then this really does do the job, and helps your skin at the same time. If, like me, you like your skincare to smell nice (or at least neutral), then perhaps look somewhere else. I haven’t however, tried any other of LUSH’s cleansers, so I would definitely try those in future, if they were a little less assaulting on the nose!


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