The Winterlicious Tag (Blogmas Day 18)

Today I had planned to do the Christmas Tag, but I thought that would be a great post to leave for Christmas Eve (less than a week away!). So I’ve discovered the Winterlicious Tag! I’m just doing it for fun (and to make up a post! Oops) so I won’t tag anyone, but I’d encourage anyone who wants to do a Christmas Tag to do one, because I love reading them! Let’s get started ­čÖé

Favourite Winter Nail Polish?

As I think I’ve mentioned before (okay, definitely mentioned…), I’m a massive glitter nail polish fan, so more often than not my polish of choice during winter will be sparkly or have a glitter topcoat! For sparkly polishes, I love these Orly ones, and for topcoats, Essie have just brought out a range of glitter polishes which are all mega pretty (the shade here is ‘Summit of Style’)!





Favourite Winter Lip Product?

This kind of repeats yesterday’s post a bit, but I would have to say any of LUSH’s lip scrubs. They work so well, and taste amazing!

Most worn winter clothing piece?

I think my most worn piece would have to be either my short brown leather boots (from Clarks a couple of years ago), or my Barbour jacket, which I’ve had for probably 3 years or more, and which I wear all the time. I’m wearing it in this picture, although you can’t see it very well!




Most worn winter accessory?

I have so many hats and scarves that I don’t end up wearing any one all the time. The one above I wear quite a lot, and I also have this┬áH&M scarf, which is a dark murky green (nicer than it sounds!) with black patterns on it.

Favourite winter scent/candle?

I’ll be very honest, I’m not a massive candle collector – I get very few opportunities to actually use them, and quite frankly, in terms of expensive candles, I don’t see the point of spending a ridiculous amount of money on something that I’m going to burn, and which I could get a similar dupe of (if I wanted to) for a lot less money. Of course, it’s each to their own, and I;m definitely not saying that I wouldn’t appreciate an expensive candle as a gift, I just wouldn’t want to spend my own money on one! So I’ll have to do a winter scent, and I honestly love so many of the smells at Christmas! I love all of these cinnamon, spicy scents, I love the smell of real Christmas trees, of Christmas dinner cooking, and of course Christmas pudding! Yum ­čÖé

Favourite winter drink?

I’m not a massive fan of Baileys, nor of port or whisky or anything like that. On Christmas day, I’m happy with my glass of white wine over Christmas dinner! I do like the Buck’s Fizz we often have with breakfast though… (and who doesn’t like a bit of morning drinking??)!

All time favourite Christmas movie?

Although I love Elf, and more recently Arthur Christmas, I’m going to have to go with Miracle on 34th Street, becasuse I’ve loved to watch it at Christmas since I was about 10! [Also, looking for images of this, I think it must be the remake that I’m a fan of, and not the old original one…]




Favourite Christmas song?

I’m such a fan of Christmas songs, I’m listening to them in November! I can’t pick just one, so┬ácheck out this post I did a few days back of my top 5 favourite Christmas songs!

Favourite Christmas food/treats?

Of course, with Christmas comes the acceptance of eating as much chocolate as possible with wild abandon, which is always great. On a more savoury note, I love to eat cheese and crackers (with little pickled onions), all the cold meats and the like on Boxing Day, and of course I love a Christmas dinner!

What is your favourite Christmas decoration?

This is a difficult one! I just love having the whole house decorated, because it makes everywhere feel so festive! Of course, I love the tree, and I like to put as much tinsel and fairy lights as possible everywhere else!

What’s at the top of your Christmas list?

I actually already know what I;m getting as my main present (a camera), which takes the surprise out of things, but I’d rather get things which I actually want and/or need. Check out my Christmas Wishlist for the rest of my list!

What are your plans for the holidays this year?

I’m already back home from uni, so I’ve just been Christmas shopping, catching up with people, and generally making the most of the time off! We spend Christmas Eve and morning at my house, then go to my grandparent’s for Christmas dinner and for the rest of the day. On Boxing Day, my aunt and uncle are visiting, and my boyfriend’s also joining us, so we’ll have lunch (again at my grandparent’s) and then maybe head down the pub for a couple of hours.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this tag, I always enjoy writing these! As I said, feel free to do this tag, and keep up the Christmas cheer!

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