Welcome to Blogmas! (Blogmas Day 1)

Welcome to December everyone! I’m sure all of you are looking forward to opening advent calendars every day, decorating the house, and generally getting into the festive spirit (unless you’ve already started doing all of those things, like me)! I’ve decided to do Blogmas, so I will try to blog every single day of December :O Yep, every day. Clearly it’s very unlikely that this will happen, but I’m going to try my very best. It might just be me writing about something exciting that happened, some even I went to, some issue that I’d like to talk about, or I’ll try to incorporate posts I would have done anyone into Blogmas posts, otherwise it might be a bit of post overload for everyone (including me!).

Something exciting that I’d like to mention today is my beauty advent calendar from No7! It’s so pretty! I really wanted one this year, as it’s the first year that I’ve really been into beauty and make up products, and of course I looked for the Benefit one online, which has been consistently sold out since I first checked over a month ago. So this was actually my second choice, but it was considerably cheaper, which my bank account is pleased about, and it’s got a much wider variety of products inside, which is exciting!


This is what it looks like from the outside, it’s all sparkly and pink and pretty. And note that it actually has 25 products inside, so one for Christmas day too!

The product I received today was this:


It’s a Skin Illuminator, which says on the back can be worn alone or under foundation. I actually don’t tend to wear foundation, as my skin is okay and I hate the feel of lots of make up on my face, so it will be interesting to see what this looks like with just a bit of bronzer on top. Up close, it actually looks quite sparkly, so hopefully I won’t end up looking like I’ve got a glitter ball for a face…

As I’ll be getting a beauty treat every day, I thought it would be a nice tag on to put on the end of every Blogmas post, and when I’ve totally run out of ideas around the 17th I can do some mini reviews of the ones I’ve tried so far! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow evening for another Blogmas post from me 🙂


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