What I’ve Been Loving Lately (Blogmas Day 3)

I’m already struggling to find things to write about! I’m squeezing this post in right at the end of the day, as I’ve been buried under a pile of uni work for most of it, so I just wanted something quick to write about. I should have more time soon (maybe not tomorrow) so I can dedicate way more time to these posts!

Today I thought I would do a list of my favourite things at the moment, fashion, beauty, TV, food etc.

EAT// I haven’t been eating out a lot lately, as I’ve been snowed under with uni work, so I’ve ended up eating probably one too many takeaways. My absolute favourite is chicken & mushroom, egg fried rice, and prawn cracker from the Chinese takeaway!


WEAR// Cosy jumpers! I’ve literally bought one every time I’ve gone shopping in the past few weeks, and have 3 new ones to add to my collection!



WATCH// I am, sadly, a huge fan of Geordie Shore! It’s on every Tuesday night at the moment, and my boyfriend and I always make time to sit down and watch it together! I’ve also been hooked on making my way through my Big Bang Theory box set, despite having seen it all the way through once before…


DO// As I mentioned, everything’s been a bit hectic lately, and so I’ve really appreciated the couple of weekends that I’ve been able to spend at home, back in normality, to just relax and forget about all of my problems (or some of them at least)!


WHO// I’ve been a huge fan of Hannah Gale for about 6 months now, and I still love her posts. She’s also started vlogging over on her Youtube channel. I’m also loving Fleur de Force over on Youtube. And a big shout out to my lovely boyfriend, Matt, who has without a doubt been my favourite person this month as he has helped me so much with everything!


LISTEN// Everyone’s going to have been saying it, but Taylor Swift, of course! Although I wasn’t overwhelmed by her new album, it’s great nonetheless, and I always love an album full of good songs which you can listen to all the way through!


So that’s my favourite things at the moment! I won’t show you what I got in my beauty advent calendar today as this is already a mega picture heavy post, so look out for that in tomorrow’s Blogmas post!

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