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I’ve had quite the break from blogging since Christmas! To be quite honest, doing Blogmas wasn’t as fun as I’d anticipated – I often struggled for inspiration and many of the posts weren’t up to the quality which I’d have expected. From now on, blog posts will be when I’m inspired to write, and when I actually have a subject matter to blog about! This means that there won’t be a set-in-stone schedule, like many bloggers have. I’m not a fan of stating exactly when a blog post will go up, because it creates a bit of pressure to get something, anything, in a post and up on time, which for me isn’t a particularly productive way to write. I will aim to post every few days, around 3 times a week, because I do enjoy blogging, and I’ve got plenty of ideas at the moment!

On a slightly different note, everyone seems to be posting about their New Year’s resolutions and aims and plan for 2015. Personally, I don’t enjoy reading these posts, because I’ve got a lot going on at the moment and they often make me feel inadequate, disheartened, and generally a bit lost. It’s rare that I read them. However, there are a few, very general goals, which I’ve settled on for the next few months. One, the classic, is to lose some weight. I’m heavier than I’ve ever been at the moment, and although it’s true that losing weight doesn’t necessarily make you happier, I know that I would feel more comfortable within myself and with my body. I’m not so naive as to think that all of my problems will be solved if I’m skinny, but losing weight, along with eating a living a bit healthier, is something that I do want to concentrate on. Another goal is to concentrate on my uni work. I now only have two terms left, and only about one term and a half until my Final exams. For PPEists like me, this upcoming term is a revision term, meaning that we have no pre-scheduled classes or tutorials, and the term is meant to be used for independent revision and for arranging revision sessions with various tutors. It’s a difficult term, as there’s a lot less structure, and personally I work a lot better when I have deadlines, rather than having to organise my own work. To stick to this goal, I think I’ll actually have to make my own structure, and perhaps have at least a vague plan of how I want to revise (eek!). Finally, and the thing that I like discussing the least, is the future. I’m not a confident person at all, and quite frankly the idea of going to job interviews, or even just deciding what I’d like to do with my future, is terrifying. Over the next month or so, my goal is to, if not actually apply for things, at least decide on a plan of action, and make some decisions about what general direction I want to go in. Hopefully, this will make me less stressed, and help me think a bit more clearly about what I should be doing.

Phew! So, now we’ve got the big issues out of the way, I got an exciting parcel today! I’ve ordered quite a lot of things in the sales online (and bought even more out shopping), and so I’m expecting a couple more parcels shortly, but today my order from Asos arrived! I received these grey, washed out, high-waisted jeans (which surprisingly fit really well!), a Pull & Bear tee (the black and white patterned one), and a simple white and grey striped three-quarter sleeve loose tee. Both of the tees are a lot bigger than I thought they would be, but I’ll keep them because it seems a lot of hassle to send them back and wait to get the right sizes delivered! They’re both quite a baggy style, so it doesn’t matter if they are a bit oversized.





(I’ve just realised that our dog’s chew toy, the white tube thing, is in the picture, and I can’t be bothered to edit it now, so sorry about that!)

This was a great parcel to receive on a dreary Monday which had little else going for it, so I’m happy! Check back soon for more new posts, coming shortly!

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