Mani Monday

This is by no means going to be a weekly feature, because I’m not organised or motivated enough to make sure I paint my nails at the same time every week! BUT, as it happens, today just happens to be a Monday, so I thought I’d jump on the Mani Monday bandwagon for a week.



The nail polish which I’ve used above is a Nails Inc polish in the shade ‘Floral Street’. So many bloggers seem to be doing white nails recently, so that’s another bandwagon I’ve jumped onto! This took 3 coats in the end, and although it’s not that obvious in this photo, these nails are probably some of the worst which I’ve painted recently. This polish is a nightmare to work with! I got loads of mini Nails Inc polishes last Christmas/birthday (i.e. Christmas 2013, birthday Feb 2014), and they all seem to be a bit like this now. I don’t know if it’s because they’re a bit old, but they’re very weak and watery, are a nightmare to apply, don’t even out on the nail, and they also chip pretty badly, very quickly. Clearly a bad choice on my part, but this is the only white polish I have. Nevertheless, the result isn’t horrific, but I don’t know that these will look that good for very long.

A super quick post today! I’ll be really busy over the next week and a bit, so posting is probably going to be a little sporadic. I hope you’ve all enjoyed Mani Monday nonetheless!

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