feelunique Haul!

I finally got round to uploading my feelunique haul video today, so I thought I’d write a little complimentary post to go alongside it.

I went a bit crazy on the feelunique.com website a couple of weeks ago, and made two slightly too expensive orders. Oops. But I did get some really nice stuff, all of which I know I’ll use, and I was very happy to receive these parcels in the post!



I was really pleased with my first order. I’d had my eye on the Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm for a while, and as it had 10% off I couldn’t resist putting it into my (virtual) basket. I’d also been looking into getting a Naked palette – I haven’t got ANY of them and thought it was about time I remedied that. I picked the original Naked palette, as it’s full of gorgeous warm-toned nude shades, with a couple of stand-out gold and bronze shadows which I’ve already really enjoyed using (I’m wearing Half-Baked today). Finally, as if I hadn’t spent enough money, I was looking through the Tanya Burr cosmetics page when I came across this polish reduced more than all the others. As a darker neutral shade I thought it was gorgeous, and couldn’t resist adding to my final order. I have tried this already, however, and it is without a doubt the most watery polish I’ve ever come across! Perhaps it is just this shade, or maybe I got a bad one, but I tried it out on one nail before deciding against it – it would have taken hours to get an opaque layer of polish! I will be trying this out again in the future, but definitely not the highlight of this haul.



My second order actually ended up cheaper, despite me getting an extra product. The Ghost Eclipse gift set was in the sale, and reduced by quite a lot. I have to say, I’d never smelt this perfume before, and, aside from the price, I only picked it because Zoella had recommended it… So bad, I know. BUT, you will be glad to know, this smell lovely! I have yet to try the body lotion, but I’m very impressed with the perfume for such a low price. The Bare Minerals ‘I heart the nightlife’ eyeliner set is just so, so pretty. I really shouldn’t have got this, because it was slightly on the expensive side, but again, it was on sale. These eyeliners are the best I’ve used, super soft and subtle but definitely buildable, and such brilliant range of colours to boot. This Extreme Volume version of the COLAB dry shampoo is great – the London scent smells amazing and it really does the job. Finally, I purchased this little Topshop nail polish in ‘Pink is the Colour’. It’s not so obvious here, but it appears really iridescent in the bottle, looking pink and orange and silvery in different lights. However, I have tried this, and although the quality of the polish is great (very quick drying), the iridescent shimmer sadly does not translate too well to the nails. But still a lovely spring/summer colour to add to my collection!

Give the video a watch if you want to know a little more about these products, I’ll hopefully get round to reviewing some of them in the future! 🙂

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