Last weekend, I turned 21! I have to say, I definitely don’t feel it! If anything, I think my mental age is probably getting lower… Hehe 🙂

Anyway, it was bit unfortunate that most of my friends are now in Finals mode at uni, so I knew we probably weren’t going to have a proper night out. Instead, we went to a cute little restaurant called Zheng, which does quite a few types of Asian food, although I definitely go for the Chinese cuisine they offer! So so good. I’m not sure why, but we also got our picture taken to go on their wall, which was pretty cool.



On the day of my actual birthday, my mum came and picked me up from uni as she had the day off. We went to lunch at this little cafe called Huffkins near to where I live, which I absolutely love going to. I had my usual strawberry milkshake, and a yummy chicken mayo sandwich which is my favourite!



I spent the afternoon visiting my grandparents, spending time at home, and opening my cards and presents! It was a lovely chilled out day, and I got so many amazing gifts, which I am so grateful for! I am genuinely surprised that people still think of me, although that may be because my day has been (jokingly) telling me that I’m too old for present since I was about 16! :’)

On the evening of my birthday, we had lots of people round, a few of my friends from home and some family friends, which was really nice. My mum cooked lots of food, there was a giant chocolate cake, and everyone seemed to have a great evening!


One of my friends who came, Ellie, who is one of my best and oldest friends from when I was young, posted this lovely picture of us on my 6th birthday on Facebook, when we were dressed as fairies! I even remember the blow up chair I was sat on – it was a teddy bear, and inflatable chairs were all the rage at the time! Of course, it had deflated from a puncture or something after about 2 days, but it must have been a great present if I still remember it now.



All in all, a great day! The next day, I had a lovely meal out with as much of my family as I could manage: my grandparents, my cousin Beth and her boyfriend, my aunt, uncle, and cousins on my mum’s side, and of course my mum, dad, brother, and boyfriend Matt! I haven’t uploaded those pictures yet, but if I remember I’ll add one to this post later on!



A few of the main presents which I got were this gorgeous radio from my parents. It’s a Roberts Revival DAB and internet radio, in this amazing duck egg blue colour, and I absolutely love it!



My lovely boyfriend Matt also got me a few gifts. He got me a gorgeous bracelet from Kate Spade, and also this Marc Jacobs perfume, which has fast become my new favourite.



My friends at uni collectively got me this stunning sequinned bag/clutch from Accessorise. I love it! It’s also the kind of thing which I’d never buy for myself, which makes it extra special. My friend Ali also got me a bag full of Hotel Chocolat goodies, the majority of which I’ve already eaten. Yum!


I also tried to take this picture of all the lovely things I got, although I might have cut a few things off! I’m so grateful for all of the thoughtful presents I received, and I had such a lovely weekend, I’d just like to thank everyone who made my 21st so special 🙂


So that was pretty much it for my birthday this year! I’m so sad that it’s all over for another year, but I had the best time with so many lovely people. For anyone who follows my blog, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted much lately. It’s been an interesting time at uni, and I feel like I haven’t really been motivated to write anything in quite a while. I’ve got a few posts planned which I really want to write, including a Valentines Day post about my day, which I’m looking forward to writing, so hopefully there will be a few more posts coming your way in the near future. When I’m not posting too frequently, make sure you check out my Twitter, Instagram, and even my Youtube channel for updates!

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