[REVIEW] Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation BB/Moisturiser

This may not be the best recommendation, but this has been a favourite of my mum’s for years. I say perhaps not the best as my mum is not a big make-up wearer, but I think she’s genuinely on to something here.

I will freely admit that I have never worn foundation. I tried it once and, although I probably wasn’t applying it quite right, it made so little difference and just made my face feel a bit weird! I’m lucky enough to have fairly decent skin, especially when it comes to spots (sorry!), but it is by no means flawless. I had been looking at tinted moisturisers for a while, but they all seemed quite expensive, and very few affordable brands seem to do them.


For me, this Touch of Foundation moisturiser/BB cream is perfect. It is really moisturising – you can wear it without moisturiser but I usually put moisturiser on a bit earlier, then apply this after 10 minutes or so, and it goes on like a dream. The formula is similar to a medium thickness moisturiser – it’s far from watery but definitely no too thick. I just apply this by hand, like I would a moisturiser, and it absorbs pretty quickly (although not straight away). As for coverage, it is great for creating a more even skin tone, and as I’m quite pale at the moment, despite having the ‘Fair’ shade, it gives me a healthy glow, which looks really natural. Obviously this is only a tinted moisturiser, so it doesn’t provide any coverage particularly for blemishes, but to even out skin and create a great base for bronzer/blusher/contour/similar, this really does the job.

One problem I have encountered with this product is over-application. When I was applying this recently, I had pumped a tad too much out of the bottle. Not wanting to waste it (it’s not expensive but it’s not cheap either!) I used the rest, layering on a bit more on my nose, cheeks and under my eyes, thinking I’d have to use less concealer. I was then applying eyeshadow. Some went a bit awry, and I went to dust the excess eyeshadow off, and it was pretty set on my face. When I rubbed it a bit more, it came off along with flakes of the moisturiser – it looked awful! But this was only in the places where I’d put on extra product, and I’ve never had this before (like I said, it usually sinks in reasonably quickly), so merely a tale of caution – don’t over-apply this!

In terms of other benefits, this claims to fight 7 signs of ageing. I don’t massively need this, being only 21, but I do feel like it helps my skin with a number of these claims. It does help skin preserve moisture, it evens skin tone, it minimises pores and evens skin texture, and it definitely enhances brightness. I haven’t noticed that it makes my skin any firmer, although perhaps I haven’t been using it for long enough, and I don’t have any wrinkles to even out (yet!).

Overall, I love this product! It’s the perfect product if you want very light coverage which evens out your skin tone, with added benefits. I’m sure other tinted moisturisers are similarly good or possibly better, but for a lower budget this is seriously good (it retails in Boots for £14.99). Highly recommended!

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