Five Favourites: 29th August 2015

So when I first started doing this blog, I did a bit of a weekly favourites post, and it’s something I really want to get back into. This idea is pretty much stolen from the lovely Hannah Gale (at, who does a Friday Favourites, although I’m going to keep my favourites to just five a week, so that I actually have a chance of sticking to this! I’ll be aiming to do these posts at weekends, without committing to the same day each week, because I know myself well enough to be able to tell you that I would quickly deviate from that commitment.

1.Fizzy strawberry laces

Okay, so these are horrifically bad for you, and I probably shouldn’t be able to stand them, but these are my favourites… I would advise people to just not try them in the first place, and then you won’t know that you really like them.

2. Holiday booking

We’ve booked a holiday! My boyfriend Matt and I are going to Bratislava (in Slovakia) for a few days in September, which I am massively looking forward to. It seems like a very random place, but we stayed there whilst we were interrailing, and it’s genuinely the nicest place. We’re staying in the same hotel (so predictable) which is gorgeous, and it will be great to spend some time with Matt away from work and everything.


3. Retro Nikes

Trainers have been quite the fashion statement for a year or so, and of course I’m super late on the bandwagon. But these retro Nikes I picked up in the US were so gorgeous, I think I finally understood. They are so much smaller than my other trainers, and this makes all the difference when wearing them with black skinnies, or even skirts/dresses. Love the colour, love the style, and they were such a bargain. And far more comfortable than most of my pumps, and all of my boots and heels.


4. Make Up For Ever Full Coverage concealer

One of my recent purchases from the US (although you can now get this in the UK, from Debenhams), I absolutely love this concealer. It will probably be a bit dark for me when I lose my tan, but right now it’s a perfect match. It has fantastic coverage, blends easily, and dries quickly, so it probably doesn’t need setting. Pretty expensive for a concealer, but no more so than the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer, and only marginally more pricey than MAC’s Pro Longwear.

5. Fleur de Force’s vlogs

I love Fleur on Youtube, especially her haul and favourites videos. However, her videos over on her vlog channel, Fleur de Vlog, are equally as brilliant. She usually vlogs daily every other month, and has been doing ‘Vlogust’ this month, which is so worth checking out. She does so many interesting things, and also has three of the cutest dogs ever!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little favourites post today! What have been some of your favourites this week?

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