Huge High-End Beauty Haul

As promised, I’m back with my other USA haul, this time containing all the cosmetics I picked up. I bought a few things in Ulta, including some picks from Nyx which I’m going to feature in a future post, as they’re not exactly high end. I also visited Sephora. A lot. In 2 different places. I think I went about 4 times in total, but it was so worth it! I absolutely love Sephora, and I so wish we could get all of the brands they offer in the UK! If you’ve seen my previous post, you’ll realise I spent a fair bit of money on this trip, and I did save up for this. I probably won’t be going to the US again for some time, and I simply can’t resist taking advantage of the bargains and new brands I can pick up across the pond. Honestly, though, my money went a lot less far than I thought it would! And there were at least 25 other items I would have loved to pick up. On the bright side, my grandma lives in the States, so I’ll probably be asking her to bring me som bits over from time to time!

Anyway, on with the haul! In Ulta, along with the items from Nyx, I got the Lorac Pro palette. I know everyone raves about this on Youtube, and I’d heard it was quite hard to find, so I was pretty pleased when the one Ulta I went to had plenty in stock. It’s sleek, neat, and full of totally wearable eyeshadows. I can’t wait to try this out! I also picked up these two It Cosmetics brushes, although on the side they actually say It Cosmetics for Ulta, so I don’t know if they’re the same ones you’d find on the It Cosmetics website. They are absolutely gorgeous though! I especially love this fan brush, which I think is so pretty, and I love that the powder brush is duo-fibre. They’re such great quality, and I’m definitely going to be playing around with these a bit more to see what they can do.


So Sephora was where I really went crazy. I had a massive list of all the things I wanted to look for, and I had to narrow it down before I even left for the mall because there was no way I was going to be able to afford even half of what I wanted! These Sephora Collection brushes were on the list, albeit as a last-minute addition. The original one I had my eye on was the same brushes but in a cute cream colour. Although I liked the colour better, this ‘smoky eye’ set came with the Sephora mascara in the bottom left of the picture, which I thought was a pretty good deal! The Make Up For Ever concealer was also on my list. I think I probably got this in a slightly too dark shade – it’s perfect for me now, but my tan is definitely going to fade in the next few weeks. It has brilliant coverage though, and isn’t at all drying. I’m impressed! I was also trying to make a decision between getting the Too Faced blush, or one of the infamous Tarte blushes. Honestly, I fell in love with this colour (Love Hangover), which is one you don’t hear a lot about in the blogosphere. There wasn’t a comparable colour in the Tarte selection, so I went for Too Faced. The packaging of this blush might also have swayed me a little – it’s too cute! The Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is actually in the colour Hemingway – controversial! – and I’m yet to try this out. I don’t massively get on with bold black liner, as I seem to have the least steady hand ever, and so I thought brown would be a safer option. Plus, it will go with all of my eye looks, as I only wear nudes and golds! Again, I have yet to try this out.


I went back to get this Buxom palette, which is amazing as you can customise it with your own choices of eyeshadows. This was a great concept, especially as I got the palette and the shadows for only $40. Compared to a lot of high end palettes, this is pretty good value in my opinion. I’ll do a separate post on this palette, but the shadows are great quality. The only downside was that they didn’t have some of the shadows in stock at the Sephora I went to, so I probably missed out on a couple of really great shades. I also went back a third time to get the Hourglass bronzer. I had agonised for days over which Hourglass product to get – they’re all just so beautiful – because of course I could only really afford one. This was expensive, but it was cheaper that here in the UK, so I just keep reminding myself of that! This is the lighter shade (Radiant Bronze Light, I think), and it’s simply gorgeous. It watched ridiculously glittery, but on the face I think it really is worth the money. Finally, for a fourth time I went back to Sephora and grabbed this Natural Eyes palette from Too Faced. It’s super cute and has some fantastic shades, although I think I probably should have got the Chocolate Soleil bronzer instead, as I was trying to decide between the two. The problem that I have is hat this palette is genuinely tiny! I’m not sure I would get my brushes into the smaller shades! But definitely something else I’m looking forward to trying out, and one to add to the collection.

The other items in the picture above were perks and free samples. The Urban Decay shadows were a 100 point perk, and although they seem like a good deal, they’re one-off non-reusable samples, which I was quite disappointed about. The Elizabeth and James perfume was also a 100 point perk, and the tiny Philosophy box has two teeny tiny perfume samples inside. Coming from the UK, where freebies are rare, this really added to the Sephora experience!


Finally, a sneaky duty free purchase from the airport! This is the Roberto Cavalli Paradiso perfume, which I’ve been wanting to get since I went to Barcelona at Easter. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I absolutely love it, and it was the perfect scent for my holiday. I also picked up this Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser, which I’ve been using constantly since I got it – top marks for duty free!


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