Me Encantan Las Tapas

It’s only this past year that I’ve really discovered tapas. Being an extremely fussy eater, I simply presumed that I wouldn’t like anything, so stayed clear. When my boyfriend and I went to Barcelona 2 years ago, he was keen to try the tapas which the city is famous for, but I stayed clear. However, when we went again in April this year, I was *slightly* more keen to try some. Fortunately, there are quite a few dishes which I like, and we ended up eating tapas almost every night throughout the week that we were there.


Of course, this post isn’t about my holiday 4 months ago. This weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a bit of a date night in the town where he lives, where they have a great little restaurant called the Green Room. It was all booked up when we called on Friday, so we reserved a table for Saturday. And it was so worth the wait! They had a great selection, although not a very large one, and a lot of dishes you’d struggle to find outside of Spain.


We chose calamari, patatas bravas, and a distinctly un-Spanish baked camembert (an addition which I was quite happy with – I love camembert!). The calamari was coloured with squid ink, which was interesting, but don’t detract the taste, which was great. It came with the classic aioli, which I love. The patatas bravas were fantastic, if a little on the smoky side, but so similar to what we had in Barcelona. The camembert, although of course not your typical tapas, was brilliant, and came with little chunks of bread perfect for dipping into the melted cheese. Yum!


It’s so great to be able to get tapas, especially of such good quality, in the UK, and I think it’ definitely something there should be more of! Good food, and a great evening. 🙂



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